Top 5 Self Isolation Thrills This Easter

Easter 2020 is set to be the one of the most unusual holiday times we have had in a long time. Whilst we must keep self isolating through the Easter period, we have 5 thrilling ideas to keep you busy throughout the Easter weekend! 

1. clueQuest Print Cut Escape


clueQuest have released a new play at home game just in time for the Easter weekend. Print + Cut + Escape is as simple as it sounds. For £12, you can join Mr Q and his team of agents as they find out Professor Blacksheep’s next evil plan. Print the game off, cut out the puzzles as per the instructions and escape with the code through the clueQuest only system! We highly recommend you check this out by clicking on the image to be taken to their website for further intel!

2. Theme Park Quizzes!


Whilst you can’t go to your local pub, take part in a theme park quiz from the comfort of your home instead. With ourselves, Cupcakes & Coasters and Zero G Media alongside others hosting weekly quizzes on different theme park & Halloween categories, it’s a great way to see how much you know and learn a thing or two in the process! 

Thrill Nation Thrilling Quiz – Saturday 6:30pm
Cupcakes & Coasters Instagram Live Quiz – Saturday 7:30pm
Zero G Media Quiz – Sunday 8pm 

3. Trampoline Fun


Most of you will have a garden and most may even have a trampoline. In a time where all coasters and thrills are gone, the closest your going to get to an inversion is doing a few flips on the trampoline. Don’t know how? Best start learning as you have the time…. 

 How many flips can you do in a row on the trampoline?

4. Theme Park Games

Theme Park Games have been around for years but what a perfect time to start playing some of the old classics and favourites such as Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, or maybe a new one such as Planet Coaster? We’ve listed a few good starting points below for you to start your theme park gaming adventures!

 Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 – £7 
Planet Coaster – £30
Parkitect – £24
No Limits 2 – £27
Ride Sims – Free

5. Slip & Slide in your garden


With the weather being glorious during the lead up to the Easter Weekend (typical when were on lockdown huh), why not purchase your own slip & slide and get a water park feel going on in your backyard? Of course it’s wont be as insane as the big parks but for a small period of time, you can enjoy a thrilling adventure in your garden! 

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