Tripsdrill germany 2019 review

Tripsdrill is Germany’s first amusement park that is celebrating it’s 90 anniversary in 2019 after opening as a old women’s mill back in 1929. Since then, they have come a long way to bring the park to be a unique adventure which has won many Europe’s Best Theme Park award throughout it’s time. Hosting 100 original attractions featuring wooden roller coaster “Mammut” and a launched Gerstlauer “Karacho”, they have thrills for every member of the family in a beautiful landscaped park!

Karacho is a themed catapult roller coaster and one of the main highlights to Tripsdrill. Known as a launched Gertstlauer, it launches you into a wild track layout on a thrilling adventure. The ride stands out visually towards the back of the park with it looking photogeneic during the summertime.


Karacho was one of our favourite rides at the park with it’s packed G forces, themed indoor section and insane layout. Themed to a steam punk style, the ride cars looked the part and with the ride only using a lap bar restraint, it offered a much more thrilling experience compared to similair rides.

Mammut is the parks wooden roller coaster which is visually seen again towards the back of the park. Being the first themed installation of its kind in the world, Mammut packs a fast punch, rattling & speeding through the ride. For a wooden coaster, it was very enjoyable and a perfect attraction for the park for a family ride with some thrills.


Our favourite themed element of the ride is just leaving the ride station, you enter into a themed sawmill, using special effects such as sounds and lights before being taken up the lifthill. The queue line also has parts of historical sawmills from all over Germany.

G’ sengte Sau is a wild mouse styled roller coaster based in the medieval castle in the park. Passing through and around the castle at speeds up to 50 km/h reaching upto 3gs through the tight turns and layout. Filled with airtime and speed, the ancient sledges are a popular family attraction.


We found the ride to be very fun and another classic example of a family thrill experience. The castle was well themed and with the ride passing through and around the castle, giving it some nice hidden sections out of the way of the public eye.

Also based in the medieval castle known as Rauhe Klinge, you can find the log flume “badewannen-Fahrt zum Jungbrunnen”. Take your seat in a bathtub as you travel through the centre of the castle through different themed sections such as the Fountain of Youth scene. Including the family thrills of three drop sections, one of which is backwards, the final drop reaches an incredible speed of up to 65 km/h down a steep drop to the end of the ride!


Our favourite feature of the ride has to be the log flumes themselfs. The bath tub styled log flumes come complete with a shower, soap holder, bath towel and a plughole. Alongside this, a creepy nip slipping granny greets you onto the ride.

Tripsdrills other wateride is a white-water rapids rafting ride called “Waschzuber Rafting. The queue line features an exhibition on the history of washing machines, mangles, irons and more. After walking through the large collection from the replica of the original wash house, you get on a 9 seater rapids boat themed to washtubs to experience whirpools, waterfalls and rapid themed sections.


The boats are pretty unique with the boat being split into three with a higher back on the boat. This does seem that you do not get as wet on the ride as you would hope from a rapids style ride however, the heavier the boat and the faster you travel in the right sections, can create for a wet ride!

New for 2018, the park introduced a flat ride called “Hohenflug” which is more commenly known as a skyflyer. The ride is a whole lot of family fun with some great sightseeing views of around the park. Soaring through the air in the classic ride, the heavily themed attraction looks stunning where it is located within the park and is a great additional and seeming popular with its visitors, even in 2019.

Tripsdrill has many other unique attractions within the park which it is constantly updating to the parks lineup. The parks latest attractions is a Sawmill adventure playground. Some of our other favourite attractions around the park would include Doppelter Donnerbalken, which is a unique drop tower stle ride. After taking your seat on a small drop tower, you are taking up and dropped down on the ride for a short period of time, like a childrens drop tower level of thrill. Unexpectedly, the tower takes you to the top and throws you forward instead of down, before dropping the full way down. With just a lapbar, the ride becomes from a boring ride to something quite thrilling!


Wackelrader is a unique open attraction which has a selection of bikes which is first come first served to take around a small track. The catch with this is the bikes all have something unusual about them to make them difficult. Changes such as them being backwards, controlling the back wheel instead of the front or riding with a different suspension. For something so simple for the park, it was hugely fun and something completely different to all the new styled attractions seen elsewhere within Europe.


For Tripsdrill 90th anniversary, the park has welcomed everybody to celebrate with them with celebrations on selected dates in August. The park was open for 11 hours on these selected days with other entertainment additional to the parks usual offering to give a colourful, family friendly programme to showcase Tripsdrills fun and thrilling history.

Overall, Tripsdrill Germany is a perfect family thrilling destination and I would recommend everybody to visit if you go to Germany and looking for a fun day out. With the park always expanding and now only 10 years away from it’s 100th year celebration, we cannot wait to see how the park continues to develop with the next thrilling attraction.

We like to thank Tripsdrill for inviting us to visit on a lovely summers day in August and hope to see them again in future years!

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