Walsall Scare Maze Halloween Review 2019

After our recent article earlier on in October mentioning “What is Walsall Scare Maze”, we attended for our first year and ended our Halloween season at this event.

Walsall Scare Maze presents House of Heinous for 2019. After previous successful themes of the event during Halloween & Christmas, we were excited to attend for our first time to experience the event with little knowledge prior to our visit.

When we attended, the event is hosted down a common street with a small entrance and little parking. With this said, parking was easily found down a side street nearby the event with no parking restrictions. The event does also have parking but this being extremely limited. Also, you could pay for secure parking in the town centre which is a short 10-15 minute walk from the event if you wanted to.

When entering the event, it’s a unique enviroment with it being quite cosy but still being a freindly enviroment. The event offers some cheap food options from pizza, chicken and hotdogs which was great for a snack option. They have also created a seperate exclusive bar area in an inside area which served draft drinks alongside everything you’d normally find in a bar for affordable prices.

The area was also well themed with it including some great animation boards which interlinked, fire and some great music to keep the place having a good atmosphere. With some seating also found inside and outside, this allowed you to have a snack or drink before or after you experienced the scare attraction itself.

Walsall Scare Maze with the House of Heinous ,which being the main attraction and reason we attended was excellent. Starting off with the scares, these was sharp and consistent. From the tension in the first room where the story was given about House of Heinous, to the following rooms where multiple actors were perfect in using different scare techniques to get everybody screaming.

The themeing inside was also excellent all the way through with some stand out sets and props in many rooms. There did seem a few places which were a little underwhelming but this is hardly noticed to the general public. Using all sorts of effects from smoke, sounds, strobes and much more, there was not a dull moment in the experience.

The storyline was perfect and you could not fault this. Using a mixture of sections similair to The London Dungeon styled experience, where you have an actor tell you a story before you venture forward to the next scene. This is where the dediciated storyline was given to you. Inbetween the different scenes, the scares were present.

The actors came in numbers and really piled on the intensity throughout the maze. With the first room giving a creepy atmosphere and start to the experience, it become even more intense with the actors hiding around every single corner it seemed. With good themeing and working with the characters to match the storyline, it all connected and worked for the attraction. You couldn’t find any errors within this 20-25 minute experience.

Scare: 10/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 9/10 – Actors: 10/10

Overall: 29/30

Overall, Walsall Scare Maze was worth the travel and visit. The overall experience lasting around 20-25 minutes but the intensity, storyline and actors all combined with the overall attraction was the perfect way to end our Halloween visit and experience 20 different events throughout Halloween. With this said, Walsall Scare Maze was one of our top rated Halloween events for 2019 from the other 19 we managed to experience.

With them hosting Christmasacre in December and with them coming back in Halloween 2020 with what we are sure to be an incredible experience, we cannot wait to see future works from the team over in Walsall.

Even though you cannot book the House of Heinous Halloween event, you can book onto the Christmasacre scare event we are certain is going to be as intense and scary as House of Heinous! Tickets can be purchased by heading to the website found below and more infomation can also be found there.

We like to thank the team at Walsall Scare Maze for inviting us to experience this event and giving us an unexpected fright during the evening. We look forward to attending in future events and would love to hear what you think over on our social media!

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