Xtreme Scream Park 2020 Review

Xtreme Scream is one of the few screams parks pushing ahead during this challenging Halloween 2020 season. They still bring the screams even with the covid measures…

Xtreme Scream is back for another year with 5 mazes including Belvoir Manners, a new for 2020 attraction replacing Stilton Hall. A fire show, roaming actors and an handful of rides complete the full experience. Food & Drink are available to purchase and enjoy around a fire or on one of the picnic benches outside.


Operating during the pandemic extra measures have required to be put in place and enforced. These include wearing masks inside attractions for guests and actors, hand sanatiser upon entry of the attraction and social distancing. This year, groups are batches individually with a reasonable time between and during our time at the park, we barely met with other groups inside the attractions.

Pie Factory

“Step inside the doors and make your way through the 2000 sq. ft complex to discover the gruesome process that goes into making these world famous pies. Duck, dodge and squeeze your way around 15 uniquely themed zones as you’re herded through Melton Mowbray’s very own production line, going behind the scenes and finding out first hand, what goes into Melton Mowbray’s Finest. Mrs Momma Hog though has been changing the ingredients in the pies recently and is now making humans into pies…”

Pie Factory is a returning solid attraction, but really excelled this year with the quality of acting and smaller group sizes to create a terrifying experience. We had great interactive moments inside with the resident pigs inside teasing us & calling us Squealers. We certainly were squealing with scenes that included some amazing animatronics and well hidden actors. Whilst nothing fundamentally had changed from previous years, the overall impact came across as one of the strongest and scariest mazes this season.

Scare: 9/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 – Actors: 10/10 – Overall: 27/30

Belvoir Manners

“Immortality – To continue to exist; escaping the darkened clutches of death. “

Belvoir Manners is the new maze for 2020 which replaces one of our top attractions, Stilton Hall, which means we had some high expectations. A great new entrance building and facade has been built to match the detailed quality of the inside of the attraction. Belvoir Manners is shorter than expected and this was more than likely due to covid however, we expect this to alter in future years. Some highlights of the maze had to be the use of certain animatronics and an older fashioned bingo song scene. Overall, the ending was cut short and unexpected but as brand new, it offered some great scares and plenty of room for improvement in future years.


 Scare: 4/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 – Actors: 7/10 – Overall: 18/30

Ash Hell Pentitentiary

“Ash Hell Penitentiary A prison built back in 1609 is home to dangerous & cannibalistic inmates, who have taken over the facility.”

Ash hell Penitentiary is advertised as one of the most extreme mazes, rated by the park as 11/10 in scares. With countless actors and different scenes, making it one of the most intense attractions for many guests. The use of effects and animatronics is outstanding within, which creates additional scares without the use of actors. One of best effects inside was that of a vibrating floor, which we were neither expecting or knew how to handle amongst the rest of chaos in the penitentiary. The inmates definitely make you feel uncomfortable and terrified during your experience with some great hiding spots used. Overall, a great returning maze.


Scare: 8/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 – Actors: 8/10 – Overall: 24/30

Hoodoo Voodoo

“Blindfolded you must feel your way and use your senses to survive the ritual, but will you make it out alive, or stay in a cursed limbo forever.”

Hoodoo Voodoo is a contriversal maze during the pandemic, due to the use of a blindfold and following a rope being required. This was done using the relevant covid measures and the best it possibly could at this current time. The maze lost its element of touching this year which definitely impacted on the scares and what could be done compared to normal. As one of the best examples of a hooded maze usually, we do believe it’s just not the year for this type of maze but do wish to see in return post covid. The non blindfolded section still flowed well as like previous years, with some great tribal dancing and well themed sets. Overall, a weak year for Hoodoo Voodoo understandably and it’ll be interesting to see what happens in 2021.

Scare: 3/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 – Actors: 5/10 – Overall: 16/30

The Village

“Step into the village where genetically modified scarecrows have taken over, and you’re the offering in their harvest festival.”

The Village is one of the longest mazes at Xtreme Scream and the UK and does not disappoint. The sheer numbers of scenes and animatronics makes up for the less concentrated areas of actors. The small group numbers really allow for the tension to build compared to previous years of conga lines, with scares getting the full impact for the whole group. We don’t believe the maze has changed this year however, a slightly altered ending wasn’t expected with a great last scare. Our favourite scene by far is still the harvest church, using a terrifying slow strobe and a number of scarecrows which question if you can spot the real ones.

Scare: 9/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 9/10 – Actors: 8/10 – Overall: 26/30

Overall, we’re so grateful that the park can still operate during these times and most of the experiences weren’t compromised, with the actors wearing masks going majorly unnoticed due to clever costume & character design. With another strong year for Xtreme Scream, this is one of only a handful of complete scream parks which can offer a premiere scare experience for 2020, and its worth every penny.


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