Xtreme scream park halloween review 2019

Xtreme Scream Park is back for another year of laughs & scares, and 2019 has really brought the heat! The Halloween event is located after hours at Twinlakes Family Theme Park in Melton Mowbray, between Nottingham & Peterborough. This year there’s 5 returning mazes, a new spooky circus along with some spooky new roaming actors, Xtreme Scream have pulled out even more stops for an evening not to forget. The park is home to bars, live music and other entertainment to make a full night of it.

With Xtreme Scream saying goodbye to the clown attraction known as The Final Curtain, the park continues their legacy with them being the roaming actors for 2019. The Homeless Clowns have taken over the park and looking for food and shelter since losing their home and jobs. These interactive roaming actors is a genius idea to continue on the memory of The Final Curtain along with giving the roaming characters a link to the event. These characters were funny whilst spooky with them proving popular with everybody who mingled with them.

We were kindly invited to visit and headed there on Saturday 12th October to experience all of the haunts for ourselves…

Stilton Hall Hotel & Hell Spa

Starting the spa experience with a relaxing sauna, you start to realise things aren’t quite what they seem.

A lengthy maze that knows exactly how to build tension and create jump scare after jump scare, there’s also countless interactions with various dialogues, some creepy, some funny, and some downright disgusting. The level of detail and creativity of the sets throughout the spa and hotel experience makes for an authentic & terrifying journey. This maze is quite possibly the longest one we’ve ever experienced, the sheer number of scenes & characters is something to be amazed by, and why it’s our favourite attraction at Xtreme Scream.

Scare: 9/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 10/10 – Actors: 10/10 – Overall: 29/30

Pie Factory

The factory locally sources only the best meat to produce 100% Manmade Pies. Taking a tour of the factory takes a deadly turn.

The pigs in this attraction aren’t afraid to intimidate & scare you as you start your journey outside and head into the factory. There’s lots of farm and industrial themeing with dark & confined spaces to create a pretty intense experience. The highlights of this attraction had to be the giant pig, and the gruesome pig filled corridor with strobes, but are any of them real?

Scare: 7/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 – Actors: 8/10 – Overall: 23/30

The Village

Step into the village where genetically modified scarecrows have taken over, and you’re the offering in their harvest festival.

This attraction is a visual masterpiece featuring countless scenes, and an incredible level of detail. The length of this maze is impressive, but sadly is a flaw, due to this and some of the route not being obvious or difficult to travel through, we found ourselves catching up with others and reducing the scares and missing the timing of several animatronics. The harvest scene at the end is executed well and is a real highlight, with cleverly timed strobes and false scarecrows so you never know what might be real.

Scare: 6/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 9/10 – Actors: 6/10 – Overall: 21/30

Ash Hell Penitentiary

Ash Hell Penitentiary A prison built back in 1609 is home to dangerous & cannibalistic inmates, who have taken over the facility.

With last year the maze not living up fully to the 11/10 xtreme rating, we hoped for bigger and better scares this season. The scares have ramped up much more from our previous run through with the first sections being some of the scariest. One of the most frightening scares were in a chained fence cattle pen filled with smoke, noises and actors amonst the mist. The themeing and storyline really remains untouched however, with more smoke than before, it feels and flows much better. The cast were incredible for this season, with them using the spaces and effects to their advantage. We do think this maze had a few dead spaces which could be filled however, the attraction is quite large and we understand the actors used the spaces they were in to the best of their ability on the night of our visit. Overall, Ash Hell Penitentiary was not a dissapoint and included some terrifying spooks!

Scare: 8/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 – Actors: 9/10 – Overall: 24/30

Hoodoo Voodoo

Blindfolded you must feel your way and use your senses to survive the ritual, but will you make it out alive, or stay in a cursed limbo forever.

For the ritual to take place you must be blindfolded to start the attraction, and follow a rope through a variety of environments which really play on your senses. The actors (or whatever they may be) are allowed to touch you in this attraction, and really played tricks, one of us found ourselves pulled away from the rope at one point and switched positions in the group which was freaky. Hoodoo Voodoo is a hooded attraction done right, with a sensory overload whilst blindfolded, but the ritual doesn’t end there… we’re certainly a fan of this maze experience!

Scare: 8/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 – Actors: 9/10 – Overall: 24/30

The Rocky Circus (Big Top)

New for 2019 is The Rocky Circus, also known as the Big Top! The park have upped the entertainment to include a 30 minute cult classic musical celebration masterpiece for this Halloween. All hosted within the monster 100 foot circus tent and multiple different performing acts with different skills aweing the crowd.

The acts within the Big Top included a comedy chainsaw wielding act, a curtain acrobatic dancer and fire breathing drags. If this wasn’t enough, the park also included a big finale with a performing duo using a contraption which has started becoming more popular but still extremely dangerous. The duo get into a seperate end of the device as it’s rotates around based on gravity and weight whilst performing dare deviling stunts and wowing the crowd!

The Rocky Circus was a nice addition to the park to offer additional entertainment outside of the haunts. This is additional to the roaming homeless clowns and the bands which play within the outside area. Although there is better acts to see and this is not the best circus in the world, it is perfect for an evening of entertainment to go along with the rest of the experience!

Overall, Xtreme Scream Park was a pleasure to go and visit, we guess? A genuine terrifying place with them not holding back at any point or in any attraction. A downside to the whole event was how quick they batch groups and think this needs to be slightly changed, as it starts to feel like an American experience. The best parts to the event that aren’t mentioned would be that an actor actually batches you into the maze instead of a member of staff, which we think is a nice touch to starting the experience. Alongside this, the attractions are world class and are on the top of the fear ratings for us. With a handful of dates left, we recommend you get your tickets via the Xtreme Scream website before they sell out! Click the image below to head to the website…

official website

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