YouEscape Magnum Opus Virtual Escape Room Review

YouEscape is a virtual escape room company based online by its creator Nick. Nick has designed YouEscape to be played across the world for anybody who loves escape rooms and puzzles. As Nick has a huge passion, he decided to share that with fellow escape room enthuiasts and cater his games towards first time players through to the most experienced! 

YouEscape is a simple yet exciting concept of a virtual escape room that can be played online with friends, family, other puzzle players or alone. Set up on Patreon, YouEscape offer a range of offers to play his games with the intention you sign up to a monthly subscription and to play one of his games each month. 

These offers can be changed to one off payments and experiences or you can bulk buy them and play them in a quicker time frame if preferred. 

Prices start from $10 to play alone with a random group or $30 per private booking, allowing you to invite as many people as you wish to play. 

YouEscape currently offer 12 experiences ranging from 60 minutes to 120 minutes game play time. All games are played in real time which means, after paying you book a slot in the calendar and then you play at that time with your game master. 

The games master will host the game through a live video feed which you and your team will need you use your microphone to guide the games master to complete any actions required to solve all the puzzles. 

Some puzzles and clues are outside of the live video feed and may require you to browse the web or search through cryptic clues being sent by the games master. With a hint system in game too, you can play a casual, normal or hardcore style game, which reflects how many hints and the detail given of them hints, so pick carefully! 

With the 12 YouEscape rooms on offer, we started where it all began with the first room, Magnum Opus. With the rooms designed to be played in order and more being created every month, an endless supply of fun is in stock by YouEscape. 

“The greatest alchemist of all time has mysteriously vanished.
It rests upon you, his loyal apprentice, to discover the reason behind his disappearance. Your alchemy guild allows you to access his rooms for 60 minutes , before sealing them completely to prevent the misuse of his secrets.”

The game begins once you have gathered your team through a Google Hangouts call and the games master goes through some basic rules with you and confirms everything before he sets the timer. This game has an end goal which is to open the 4 chests within 60 minutes to discover the secrets of the greatest alchemist. Each chest has a padlock and requires a code to access it and you must open the first 3 chests before the final large chest! 

Magnum Opus has a simple setup but is so much more than what meets the eye at first. With a few pillars, chests and a lighter, you don’t think there is much to do or find during your 60 minutes game. Wrong! The game has so many hidden hints and makes you explore much further than just the video feed. A mixture of the live video game & exploring the clues given on the web take you on the journey on completing the escape room. 

With 4 chests to open, the game is split into 4 segments which all have hidden secrets, complexity and different styles of puzzles. We found the first chest the hardest to open but, once we got into the swing of things we managed to pick up some time towards the end to open the final chest and succeed! 

Magnum Opus was the right level of difficulty, with some bits being very clever whilst others were simple yet difficult. With Magnum Opus meaning a “great achievement “, we think this game design is a great achievement to design, play and conquer as a first adventure!

Overall YouEscape have a great concept to play during the current pandemic and beyond! With YouEscape being designed way before the current worldwide issues, Nick has built up a wide selection of games for you to get stuck into virtually. With the list constantly expanding, this is going to be a great way to keep playing an escape room virtually whenever you fancy an escape room but cannot travel to one! 

We would like to say Thank You to Nick & YouEscape for allowing us to review the first escape game they have in the series they have. You can support them via Patreon by clicking the links below and checking all of the finer details that way. 

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