Birdies Minigolf Battersea Power Station Review 2020

Birdies introduces a new location which opened back in November 2019 at Battersea Power Station in London. The company is well known for its quirky & fun minigolf courses across London, such as the SFG club in Stratford. This location is a brand new 9 hole minigolf course alongside a cocktail bar & food offerings. 

“If miniature windmills fill you with dread and artificial grass putts you off your play, it’s time to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Birdies.Take your skills to the next level with a surreal 9-hole obstacle course unlike any other, with each uniquely-designed hole derailing your senses and putt-ing your speed, accuracy and determination to the ultimate test.”

Ticket prices begin at £6 for under 18’s, £10 off peak & £12 peak.  Navigate through dark passages, prowl the pressure pads, roam below the towering ramps and meander through every twist and turn, but don’t let those brilliant flashes of rapid light fool you — all is not what it seems at Birdies…

The bar consists of multiple different great tasting cocktails with a great friendly team and fresh vibe & atmosphere. With a range of vodka’s, rums and other soft drinks, you can find a great selection in the bar. 

The food offering is a street style Taco-Yaki range, offering a divine intertwining of culinary influences from Asia and Latin America. Feast on seriously tasty tacos and yakitori from a playful street food menu.

The Nine Holes

1. Three Sides To Every Hole

“Take no Prism’ers you’re at hole 1! Edge your way through this cavernous course, ensuring no 180 turns.”

The first hole was visually distorting with the concept making you unsure on which path to take, with hidden visual traps within. We liked how this course was super trippy and had multiple different layers to it however, it was impossible to get a hole in 1 (or so we think). Overall, a lengthy, mind-bending course to start our game!

2. Sweet As

“Make your way around this delicious treat of a course. Dough’t let your mates run rings around you as you face all sorts of obstacles.”

The second hole was a completely different turn with a equally lengthy & quirky design as we would of hoped. Using sweet treats as the theme, doughnuts and ice creams blocked the way to the hole. Using the hidden path, we managed to treat ourselves to some scores on this hole! 

3. Hazard

“It’s risky business on this hole. Can you hit that dynamite shot up the ramps and through the butcher curtains, putting yourself into jeopardy for your next shot?”

This next hole was continued with that mind boggling theme they had going on in this venue. With pulsating lights and another course we wouldn’t of seen anywhere else, it was difficult to know how hard to swing. This was a fun hole to play and continued to stand out to the rest of the courses!

4. Velocity

“With a new for speed, gain momentum using the towering ramp to fling your ball on to the elevated track. Watch as it rapidly picks up pace overhead and flies down the winding sky-high course.”

Velocity was our favourite hole here at Birdies. A course designed in a genius way which had multiple different routes whilst being a visual masterpiece all in one. Mixing in with that mind-altering vibe still, you have to head up the half pipe and follow a fun rollercoaster path which took you out down a coin-pusher style or maybe even a hole in one! 

5. Lights Out

“Did somebody turn out the lights? Yes, we did. When your senses are heightened, who knows what will happen…”

A very dim lit black room was the setting for hole 5. Set in near pitch darkness, you have to rely on your other senses to get around this course. Full of weird and unusual turns and not really knowing where to aim, it was a maze to walk through, let alone golf through! A clever disorientating concept which kept it interesting just over half way through. 

6. Dugout

“Stuck in a rutt? Then just keep chipping away…”

Dugout was a weird course, filled with cactus, ramps and plenty of options on where to go. You could take a risk and go straight through the narrow path straight to the hole or play it safe and take the scenic route. We thought we would film you to show but ignore Dean getting a hole in one which was not planned! 

7. Two-Step

“Climb your way to a win. With various routes to get you abseiling down the course, what steps will you take for success?”

The theme took different routes to the next level. I don’t think we could of counted the amount of ways you could take to get to the hole on this one. The most obvious was through a narrow ramp and jump which took you somewhat near the hole. With the trippy triangular, multi-layered theme going on in this course, it took us both “two-steps” to get this one completed! 

8. Infinity & Beyond

“A tunnel that keeps going and going… where’s the end?”

Hole 8 was a simple yet perfectly executed hole. A simple straight shot you would think would get you a hole in one just in time for the final hole. You would be wrong. A light pulsating from one end to the room to the next causes fake illusions and everything not being as it seems. Pure genius here which faked us both out when we thought all the surprises would of been exhuasted. 

9. Fat Shot

“Go head to head with your opponent on this final and 2-player victory vortex.”

Fat shot kept up to pace with the rest of the previous 8 holes we had just played. With a unique feature we had not seen before ourselves, this was a great way to end in style. With 2 players getting to play at once and massive point changes that are at stake, it was the time to pull in the luck. This definitely happened when one of us got +4 and the other got -3 (7 difference!)

Birdies did not disappoint with this new venue over at Battersea Power Station. With the street, urban vibe in this re-purposed power station location, this slides right into the style. We were impressed with the overall theme of this minigolf alongside amazed at how they have used the space to fit 9 large, uniquely themed holes which all complimented each other but stood out themselves. We loved Birdies before and we love Birdies even more so now with the creation of this attraction. A return visit is on the cards for us for sure in the future at one of most fantastic creative courses we’ve experienced to date! 

We would highly recommend a visit for your next golfing adventure and to putt into a mind bending universe that is Birdies. A huge thank you goes to the welcoming staff & outside team for inviting us over to come and experience Birdies at a new location. 

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