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Djurs Sommerland is located in Djursland in Denmark and is home to some of Denmark’s most thrilling rides and attractions! Over 60 rides and attractions are included with the fourth largest amusement park in Demark spread over 9 themed areas. With the park adding 30 additional attractions within the last 10 years with 2019 being no exception, Djurs Sommerland has a lot to offer which we experienced during a day in September.

Opening in 1981, Djurs Sommerland has made a statement in just less than 40 years of it’s operating history with the last 10 showing rapid expansion. 65 million Euros have been invested within these 10 years to create more world class rides, more themed areas and much more! Hosted within 9 themed areas of the park, several of Europe’s best coasters and attractions can be found for all ages throughout the year.


In 2018, Djurs Sommerland were amongst other finalists for Europe’s best family theme park with less than 1 million park visitors a year.  In 2019, the park have continued to invest money into the Wild Asia themed area of the park with the launch of Tigeren, Denmark’s largest and one of Europe’s largest Gyro Swings!

Tigeren is brand new for 2019 and is advertised as Denmark’s largest Gyro Swing! Swinging guests up to 45 meters in the air, reaching speeds up to 100 km/h and G-forces over 4.5G’s.

Themed in the Wild Asia area alongside DrageKongen, Tigeren rises up, towering above the treetops and beautifully ornamented monuments and statues that lead visitors to the entrance of Tigerens Temple.

The ride could even possibly be Europe’s largest Gyro Swing and does pack a punch alongside other similair rides of it’s type. With the feeling of weightlessness and the themed surroundings, it creates the overall package and ride experience which leaves for a thrilling ride. This was one of our favourite rides at Djurs Sommerland and think it’s perfect for the 2019 addition in the Wild Asia themed area.

Drage Kongen is also within the Wild Asia themed area alongside Tigeren. The ride opened in 2017 and is manufactuered by Intamin with the title of Europe’s fastest and longest family suspended coaster.

A ride that is guaranteed to take your breathe away for the family as you reach speeds of 85 km/h with your legs dangling freely in the air and very close to the ground! A drop of 30 meters and a ride duration of 2 minutes creates the ultimate buzz. Starting off zooming out of the station into a small inside section before you undertake the rest of the thrilling layout around the Wild Asia themed land.

We absolutely loved Drage Kongen and our favourite part of the ride is how close you glide to the ground in certain sections of the ride. With the ride managing to keep a good speed whilst staying so low to the ground really does create a thrilling experience. Along with it’s title of Europe’s fastest and longest family suspended coaster, it definitely deserves the award for much longer to come!

Juvelen is a steel sit down coaster also created by Intamin and launched over 5 years ago back in 2013. This quad bike styled roller coaster reaches top speeds of 85 km/h across two launched sections and twisted track sections as you speed around the Mexicoland themed area. Juvelen is Denmark’s longest roller coaster with the rush taking place on 1000 meters of track. Juvelen also is the only coaster within Denmark that has two launches and makes it rather unique within it’s Danish family target audience!

The ride features a great themed indoor queueline, station and on ride pre show before you launch into the Mexicoland based ride. Another ride we absolutely loved, more so after the second launch and reaching some high speeds. With the style of the ride vehicle, it gives you the freeing feeling as you launch through the ride and the exposed feeling that other rides do not give! 

Piraten is another steel sit down based coaster created by Intamin but back in 2008, at the start of the major 65 million Euro investment! Named as one of the best coasters in the world, Piraten has got a name for itself and is a very popular ride all over the globe.

The ride is featured in the Piratland area of the park with multiple other rides and attraction however, Piraten stands out in the area by far. Reaching speeds of 90 km/h and a heights of over 100ft, this “mega lite” coaster is incredible and offers some of the best thrills you will experience on a rollercoaster!

We can see why Piraten is one of the best coasters in the world! The ride throws you around with multiple air time moments which is loved by all thrill seekers along with its twist, turns and smoke filled sections. The ride experience creates a lot of fun for all visitors with it showing to be one of the most popular rides within Djurs Sommerland.

The park hosts many other popular rides and attractions outside the main featured coasters that Djurs Sommerland are very proud of and known for. Having 3 major water rides within the park known as Skatteoen, Rio Grande Rafting and Colorado River, the park have it all.

Skatteoen is a mack steel sit down ride which opened in 2011 in the pirate themed area Piratland. This water coaster is a hybrid between roller coaster and a log flume type ride which features both sections you would normally find on this ride. We found the ride super fun and enjoyable whilst not getting too wet and more sprayed during the big drop! With the ride being the largest water coaster within Northern Europe, it is something you do not want to miss out on during your visit.

Rio Grande Rafting is Djurs Sommerlands water rapids ride based in the wester themed area, Westernland. The ride features a tunnel, water effects and a indian village themeing to create it’s western themed experience. Rio Grande Rafting has many rapid like sections and features some great water effects around the ride and is a thrilling attraction for the family to experience, definietly more in the summer months when the park is open.

Colorado River is a log flume type ride which opened all the way back in 1991. A part of Djurs Sommerlands history,  it features 3 drops as you take a journey around the mountains the ride interlinks with. Although some of the rides themeing is outdated compared to the rest of the park, it fits in with it’s nostalgia and history.

Some of the other Djurs Sommerlands thrilling coasters that should be mentioned are rides like Thors Hammer. Based on the character Thor, the themed area of Vikingeland really gives the perfect viking feel to the ride. Made by Gerstlauer back in 2002, the ride has a very similair layout to other coasters of it’s type. The ride is popular, fun and thrilling for the family.

Some of the new family rollercoasters which are Den Vilde Honsejagt which opened in 2015 and Jungle Rally which opened in 2018, also feature some great thrills for the youger audience. Whilst the park features some of Europe’s and the worlds best coasters within, it is great to see the park features these smaller rides to keep the younger and family audience entertained with good themeing and themes of the ride matching the areas they are placed into!

Overall, Djurs Sommerland is not only one of Denmark’s thrilling hotspots and theme parks, but one of Europe’s best destinations for thrill seekers to families. With rides featured such as Piraten & Juvelen, alongside new developements each year such as Jungle Rally in 2018 and Tigeren in 2019, the park are not looking to slow down in adding the next thrilling ride to the park. It’s great to see 65 millions pounds spent to the park and developing it to continue to grow it’s visitors numbers which in 2018, are over 800k between it’s opening months of May to October!

We would like to thank Djurs Sommerland for inviting us over to experience such an incredible and well together put park with some of the best Danish thrilling coasters during our trip.

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