Lucardo Manchester The Prison Escape Room Review

Lucardo is one of Manchester’s ultimate escape room based in the heart of the city. Lucardo allows you to pick from one of their many themes with multiple days and times with a range of team sizes to solve stragetic puzzles within the allocated 60 minutes time frame. Hosting many different themed rooms, you can pick for all different occasions and event depending on your fancy. If your a fan of magic, the University of Magic room allows you to you cast spells, recite incantations, mix potions and battle with dark forces to become the next best wizard or witch. If you fancy something breaking into a bank, Gem Runner allows you to pull of Manchester’s biggest heists. New for 2019, Lucardo have introduced The Prison, “You and your team of criminals are due to be checked into the Category A prison facility in Manchester after committing a series of crimes. As hardened criminals you have connections on the inside – they are staging a riot allowing you the opportunity to try and escape.”

As you arrive at Lucardo, you are introduced by a member of the team and take a seat in the waiting area. Depending on the type of room, you are shown some basic information and different types of locks, along with the dos & don’t of being in the escape room. Once you have had the safety briefing, you are taken to outside the escape room puzzle of your choosing. With The Prison, you are required to lock up all valuables in a locker and to put on a prison top as it quickly transforms into the immersive experience. The slowest member of the group had to wait outside whilst the rest of us was ushered into the cell with us having to place our hands on the wall. As soon as our last member came in, the door was locked shut and the experience began.

Without giving too much away from the experience, The Prison is a unique escape game which mixes live action with the puzzles to keep the theme of the prison immersive. As you wouldn’t normally find loads of padlocks and key codes within a normal prison, they have incorporated this within the experience with there being very limited padlock puzzles and more alternative style and physical puzzles. These were very different to an average escape room and really required some initiative to move forwards.

We weren’t alone during our escape, Tony was in communication via text on a stolen mobile phone to offer clues when required to help us escape. We think this is genius and dosent take you out of the immersion of the game to seek assistance when stuck on what to do next. The room also didn’t have a clock to say how long you had left but instead had a colour coded riot level coding to let you know what stage the riot was at and how long you’ve roughly been in the room.

Overall, The Prison is an incredible experience which keeps the escape game industry fresh and unique with the style of play. Physical puzzles really makes you use a different set of skills instead of puzzles that require numbers or riddle solving. This on top of the theme which starts before you get into the room and minor costume changes really add to the immersion Lucardo try and get guests to experience when visiting.

As mentioned earlier, with multiple different themes and being within the heart of Manchester, we highly recommend Lucardo to be on the top of your escape room wish list when in the area. We are sure if it’s not for The Prison, it’ll be for another great experience! We would like to thank the Lucardo team for inviting us to experience The Prison and allowing us to show you some exclusive images from inside the experience itself (no clues or gameplay is ruined within the images).

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