Mad Genius Escape Co The Truth About Edith Escape Room Review

Mad Genius Escapes present The Truth About Edith, the launch of their first virtual escape room. The Truth About Edith is inspired by cats, crazy old ladies and a conspiracy that something is not quite right when she lives at the Mad Genius Escape Company headquaters…

Mad Genius Escape Company is based overseas in Portland, America. Hosting two live games at their venue, they have become increasingly popular within the community due to the fun themes and puzzles they have created. 

In response to the global pandemic, Mad Genius Escapes have had to close their doors for the physical escape games. As a result of this, they have shifted there attentions to something like you’ve not seen before in terms of a virtual escape room. The birth of The Truth About Edith began and they class it as “somewhere between an escape room and an online computer/video game. Imagine meeting up online with your friends and family and working together to solve a mystery by following a trail of puzzles and clues throughout an online adventure sprinkled with interactive theatre”.

The Truth About Edith takes inspiration from a theme they host as one of the phyiscal rooms, Cat Lady. Both being completely different games, this allows players who have played this rather unusual themed escape game even if they have played at the location before. 

The games are hosted every Thursday – Sunday between 11am – 8pm Pacific time. In the UK at present, this means they are 8 hours behind us leaving plenty of slots to play from 7pm onwards. At a flat rate of $80 per game, it requires 4 players using 4 PCs however, multiple people can play from one device if you prefer such as couples. 

The Truth About Edith has the following story; 

“You may recognise Edith Humphreys, your sweet neighbour with 24 cats. You may have even helped her out, snooped around her apartment. But there’s something about Edith that doesn’t quite add up… she looks way younger than she is, she says she was born in 1902 but that she’s 97 years young… and she lives at a business called Mad Genius Escapes?! What is going on here…”

The Truth About Edith requires 4 players and is hosted through Zoom to play. Although hosted through Zoom, the game takes a wild turn and requires the use of many different elements online. The start of our experience took us outside of the Zoom call in an unexpected way and lead us down an odd path which kept the originality of this game compared to other virtual rooms about. The Truth About Edith is a mix between a virtual escape room and a virtual game, as it requires you to solve puzzles yourself without any help from the game host or character. 

The Truth About Edith Review

The virtual game element of this escape room is super unique. We have yet to see a design quite like it in the virtual escape room scene. These games are interactive for each of the 4 players and allow for everybody to be involved in this game. What also works with this design is that it requires every member to be on the same page and working on the same puzzle otherwise, if you have a player that tries to storm ahead or a player that is not on the same step as the rest, it holds up the rest of the team. A perfect concept to allow teamwork to be the forefront!

Another highlight of The Truth About Edith was Edith herself. From solving puzzles to the live game features of speaking & interacting with Edith, it creates a dynamic style of escape room which makes for an enjoyable hour. The story line heavily features about Edith being an old crazy cat lady but with something unusual about her that you need to work out during your mission. As the story develops, you get to understand more of what is going on, what you are doing and how Edith is not as you first think…

The Truth About Edith Review
The Truth About Edith Review
The Truth About Edith Review

Overall, The Truth About Edith was a well executed theme with interactivity for players that is off the chart! From crazy cat photos, crazy cat puns and one crazy cat lady, the hour combines hiss-sterically funny gameplay and purrr-fect feline puzzles for all the family to enjoy! We managed to escape with just 1 minute & 40 seconds to spare, just enough time for a group photo of Edith and ourselves although, we were slightly concerned the cat in her photo was also the same as our friends cat in the photo… 

We of course need to say thank you to the team at Mad Genius Escapes for hosting our game and giving us an insight to the design & how it works. They have allowed us to bring you this review to share more of an insight of what The Truth About Edith entails (get it, no…) 

Head over to the website found below for some further details and let us know if you can also find out The Truth About Edith too! 

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Mad Genius Escapes Website

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