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Rainbow MagicLand, otherwise known as MagicLand since 2020, is an Italian theme park located around 20 minutes from Rome. Opening in 2011, the theme park features a number of fun attractions for all the family to enjoy. Whilst the park begins it’s 9th season, a number of changes have happened since its 9 years of operation, with multiple new rides & attractions being brought in and the recent name change to just MagicLand. 

MagicLand kindly invited us out to go and experience the theme park on a weekend in August. Whilst Covid-19 is still about, its interesting to note the measures they take for safety compared to UK theme parks and how the park operates with reduced capacity. We were given free tickets to enter into the park however, our review is written as a first time visitor prospective and is not influenced by these tickets. 

Tickets into MagicLand cost differently depending on when you book. Tickets start as low as €19.90 for both adults & children however, they price per heights of above 1.4m and below. Booking closer to the day or on the day can be as much as €39, so we would highly recommend booking in advance as the website is UK friendly and translateable to English.

The car park is a fair price of €5 and requires a ticket to exit. You are given one as you drive in however, if you lose this it is easily replaceable at the automated machines.

The park entrance required a temperature check prior to getting your tickets and this was quickly done with no queuing. When entering the park, you had an appealing walkway which included a few shops, toilets and food outlets as expected within many European parks. After this section, you have a great view of the parks largest coaster Shock, which looks stunning across the lake in the middle of the park.

A perfect photo opportunity with the mascot across the lake can be done here alongside an amazing view of the rest of the park. The park is fairly simple to navigate as its a loop around the main lake with a few side paths, so a map isn’t really required due to its simplicity.


Shock is the parks headline attraction, it towers over the picturesque lake area, but combined looks like the perfect thrill paradise. The ride is manufactured by Maurer and incorporates a punchy launch which takes you to a top speed of 100km/h in just 2 seconds! You’re seated in three rows of two with just a bar around your waist, though fits nice and snug and allows freedom for the top half of the body. The ride is really enjoyable and has a variety of features and sensations including a top-hat airtime hill, high speed overbanked turn and a corkscrew inversion to finish!

MagicLand features a number of dark ride attractions, one being Europe’s largest 5D attraction called Huntik. A video game style attraction which takes you on a journey through time in search of the secrets enclosed in the power of the Titans. This was a hidden gem within the park and one of the best dark rides we’ve experienced. 

The park also featured other dark attractions such as the Haunted Hotel which is unfortunately closed due to Covid-19, Cosmo Academy which is a new attraction for 2021 however, the planetarium is open already & Gattobaleno Time Machines, a slow moving virtual reality ride which is new for 2020. 

Whilst the Italian sun was scorching during our visit, it was a perfect opportunity to trial out all of the water rides within the park. They had such a range of water rides, it was great to cool down throughout our visit. Le Rapide is one of the wettest rapids we’ve been on in Europe, with many wet sections, you are guaranteed to come off wet. Yucatan is a boat style water ride with 2 drops that gets you more splashed than soaked. New for 2019, they added a small log flume Nui Lua. This is nothing special however, is a great small addition for the park and seemed to be popular during our visit. They also had a splash battle Battaglia Navale, which the guns reaching as far as the queue line & path nearby allowing you to splash unexpecting guests.

MagicLand features a handful of other coasters alongside Shock. These are Dune, Olandese Voltante, Esplorbruco & Cagliostro. Whilst none of these other 4 coasters stand out as much as Shock in terms of thrill, Cagliostro was a fun spinning coaster in the dark & Olandese Voltante was a great minetrain styled ride that was equally as popular. 

The park features other flat rides which you see in other theme parks, such as a drop tower & teacups however, nothing hugely thrilling. They also seemed to have spaces for shows within the theatres however, these were closed due to Covid measures.

We were impressed with the COVID measures on our visit. The staff were actively enforcing the rules of wearing masks in the queue lines and on the rides themselves. There were an abundance of sanitiser stations around the park with them found at the entrance and exit of every attraction as well as dotted around the park. Some rides included every other row operational or only your own group could ride, such as on the rapids.

On our visit we took advantage of the fast pass option which allowed us to get on all the attractions in our half a day visit, though we’d have happily spent all day there. The ‘Magic Pass’ had two options, a card for one quick entry on each ride (including many children’s attractions), or an unlimited wristband. 

Overall, MagicLand is a great family park that has a handful of standout attraction which are worth visiting within Europe. Shock & Huntik are the two attractions which stand out amongst the crowd and with the park expanding, you can easily spend a full day in this park, especially if you have hot weather which we did when in Italy!  

We must thank MagicLand again for allowing us to visit the park and arranging our tickets. If you are ever visiting Rome, we would recommend making your way here for a thrilling Italian adventure!

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