Memphis Escape Rooms Virtual Lost Pyramid Review

Memphis Escape Rooms is an escape room business located in Memphis, Tennessee over in America. Hosting over 10 different escape rooms over 2 locations, they have become a popular & fun destination since opening back in Summer 2015. Whilst they are based in America, due to the current situation with Covid-19, they have gone virtual and allowing for the first time ever anybody in the world to take part in their escape games. 

Memphis Escape Games offers a range of escape games & puzzles in several different play styles. The first is the one we experienced which is the live video escape room. This is simply the physical rooms they have on location in America. You play the game via a live video feed through Zoom with the game master assisting you to solve the puzzles in the room using simple instructions. With a range of different themes from superheros to Egyptian themed, that all have different team work, brain power & suspense ratings to help you decide what is best to complete. 

These rooms have all been physically built to be played in teams in person at the 2 locations they have in Tennessee however, they have adjusted the games slightly to be played virtually whilst they have remained closed to the public. We think this is a genius idea to allow players all across the world for the first time ever to play these escape games to see what they have to offer. 

These games cost $50 (plus fees & taxes) for 8 players however, for an additional $10 per person (plus fees & taxes), you can add another 4 players up to 12 to play these games virtually.

Another game style that can be played anywhere in the world in Memphis Escape Rooms Print & Play games. Bringing mystery and fun into your home with you only needing a printer, some scissors and 20 minute setup time. 

The object of these games are to solve the puzzle to get to the end goal with each game being a different theme. Several difficulties have been produced by Memphis, with 8 games made specifically for what grades you are in, whilst they have 4 non graded games to be fun for all the family. 

Priced at $10 each so many to offer, these offer endless fun from the comfort of your own home. 

The Escape SAGA is the final way Memphis have created a play at home experience. SAGA standing for Start Anywhere Go Anywhere, meaning you can start the game at anytime you wish and the game can take you anywhere across the house or web. With having 2 live games with the fastest completions being around 90 minutes, these are some of the harder puzzles that they have to offer. 

With the first experience being free and the other costing $10 for up to 3 players, this is another fun game you should check out. We will be playing one of these in a future review! 


Whilst they have 3 different types of experiences, we tried to the live escape room Lost Pyramid. With a backstory given in video form played to you before you play, it sets the scene before you play and enter the room. 

The room was well themed to the Egyptian setting with every puzzle being relevant to the setting it was in. From pharaohs, the eye of ra and sphinxes covering the room, not an inch was left unturned. Some puzzles were super clever and even virtually, did require you to think how they worked. We loved how many hidden sections there was to the room as it added to the level of detail of the game. 

Whilst the room was immersive, the game did have some minor problems whilst being played virtually. This being the background sound of the room, some bad lighting and some puzzles being physical puzzles. 

Overall, Lost Pyramid was still a fun game with lots of clever themed puzzles which our team enjoyed playing. We would say this would of been better to play in person however, we would of never been able to play this game without the virtual option! 

Overall, Memphis Escape Rooms is a great escape room company which for the first time has offered its physical rooms virtually. Whilst they do have some minor flaws in the live video games, it is a great opportunity to experience a room quite far away from us in the UK. All the other experiences they have to offer with the home games are perfect for the situation currently going on right now. With so much to offer, there is something for everybody. 

We’d like to say thank you for Memphis Escape Rooms for allowing us to virtually connect with them on this experience and maybe one day, we can take a physical trip on another room! 

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