Terrifying new halloween mazes 2019

Halloween is creeping up with events already starting to begin around Europe and shortly over here in the UK. We have teamed up with many scare events this Halloween and thought we would share their terrifying new horror mazes that are brand new for 2019.

*Please note, there are more new scare mazes launched at many other events and the below are covered are just a selection from the events we will be covering!*

Creek Freak Massacre – Thorpe Park Resort

How much wood would a wood chop chop if a wood chop could chop YOU? Hacking their way into the old abandoned Creek Woods Saw Mill in 2019, tread carefully past a deranged family of lumberjacks lest you find yourself chugging gasoline fumes on the wrong end of a chainsaw! Who will survive…and what will be left of them? Brace yourself and prepare for the gruesome worst as you take on more chainsaw massacre madness than ever before in Creek Freak Massacre – our most extreme Fright Nights Halloween scare maze to date!

Carnival – The Killing Booth – Frightmare

Ladies and gents, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for…
If you are expecting Hugh Jackman, singing, dancing and frivolity, think again.
This is a million miles from the happiness of the Greatest Show.
In fact, it’s a million miles from any show you’ve ever seen.
Our final attraction announcement is something brand new, something never seen before at Over Farm: the dangerous and fear-inducing Carvinal!
The Showman spent years collecting his twisted exhibits and scouring the earth for frightful acts.
And then he “disappeared”.
Did he simply have enough?
Or did his exhibits outgrow their ringmaster?
Either way, they answer to no man or woman now.
And yet, the show must go on.
Roll up, roll up, come and see the show. Will you be an observer? Or will you be part of it?
And will you be laughing? Or crying?

Hillbilly Joes Zombie Zoo – Screamfest Burton

“Come on down to the Zombee Zoo, the best day out in all the south! Have we got some sights for y’all.”

A zoo full of zombies, what could possibly go wrong…

The Wreckoning – Tulley’s Shocktober Fest


We’ve all heard the pirate tales of old. How Black Beard terrorised the seven seas and how Long John Silver tricked and swindled poor sailors. The black spot, Davey Jones locker and walking the plank.

Forget the legends. Forget the frivolous folktales of brave buccaneers. These pirates are more than legend. These are the stranded souls who have sunk to the depths of despair and depravity. Shipwrecked and unscrupulous these pirates have created a new world on this island, and they intend to enforce their Pirate Law upon it. They bring violence, murder and disease. They bring The Wreckoning. Don’t ask them for ‘pieces of eight’ or to ‘shiver any timbers.’ These mutinous murderers won’t swash or buckle! Oh and don’t say ‘Arrr!’ to them. You might end up screaming, “AAARRRRGHHHHHHHHH!”

Wastelands Penitetiary – Tulley’s Shocktober Fest


The year is 1998, 13 years beyond the moment of “light”, the explosion ripped through our world, bringing an end to civil life. Buildings became ruins, forests became wastelands and to survive humans pulled on their primal instincts. The penitentiary was strong and secure, but since the disaster it has become a haven for all that is bad. The power shift has changed. Inmates once detained are now free, guards that were in control are fighting to survive … will you?

Psycho Vault – Fear Island III


Following the unsuccessful exorcism of Psycho Mansion in October 2018, the manse was dismantled brick by brick, banishing the insidious ‘Phantom’ forever…

But the real horror lies beneath – a labyrinth of vaults hidden deep beneath the ground has been uncovered, the hideout of infamous serial killer Edward Slice and his band of murderous cohorts – the Psycho Vault has been breached, and YOU are its latest victim!

Torchure – Fear Island III

Descend below the medieval Fortress Of Fear to pay your respects to the late Master of the Castle… With only a candle to light your path, venture into the dread-filled dungeons and catacombs. Will the darkness consume you, or will you survive the trial of Torchure?

DisturbIAM – Fear Island III

 Where insanity meets science in a disturbing medical nightmare… Inside, crazed patients will welcome you into their unethical world of madness and delusion. Failing to accept treatment will result in a truly terrifying life sentence inside DisturbIAM… You’d be MAD to miss it!



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