Wicksteed park review 2019

Wicksteed Park is a family amusement park located in Kettering in Northamptonshire in the United Kingdom. Opening in 1921 by a Wicksteed family member, the amusement park was born. Almost 100 years later, the amusement park is a popular family destination which includes classic fairground rides and thrilling attractions alongside a train, water activities and animals. Now home to 27 attractions which include 3 rollercoasters and 4 water attractions, Wicksteed Park stands strong with other family amusement parks across the country.

The Water Chute is the parks oldest attraction. Created all the way back shortly after the park opened, The Water Chute thrilled guests since 1926 all the way up to our visit in September. Also the oldest of it’s type in the world, this historic attraction was certainly a unique thrill.

The attraction is hosted in a small tower towards the back of the park. Guests sit in a wooden boat which slowly releases and rolls down a track into the lake. The ride then uses a rope which is attatched to the back of the boat to pull itself back to the top for the next ride. This simple concept has worked wonders and it’s great to see such an old attraction working flawlessly during our visit. We are sure this is a popular attraction during the summer months at Wicksteed Park and is one to experience if you visit the park!


Wicksteed Park is home to three rollercoasters. All three collectively are small thrills aimed towards the younger audience but it’s great to see the park having multiple thrill attractions towards this family targetted audience.

Coaster 1 is called Pinfari Roller-Coaster and you would be right to think this is a Pinfari creation. A three train model which the park mentions is one of their top attractions with screams coming all day long from.

Coaster 2 is the Clown Coaster, another Pinfari coaster targetted more towards the younger audience with it’s simple layout.

Coaster 3 is the Ladybird Coaster which sits inbetween the two other coasters mentioned for the park. Themed to a ladybird, the tyre-driven coaster is great for the younger audience and the slightly scared adults!

Alongside the fariground ride and thrills found within the Wicksteed grounds, they also include some other thrilling side attractions. This includes the Zipwire which is always super fun! On the purpose built activity tower, you climb 15ft to take your zipping adventure to the other side. Priced at £9 per person for the session, this is a great affordable experience for the family for one of the best thrills within Wicksteed Park.

The park also has multiple other bookable activities, such as rock climbing, bag jump and archery. Recently built was the new Clip ‘n Climb, which is an indoor fun and quirky climbing experience based for the older family audience.

Wicksteed Park has so many other fun and exhilarating attractions. Our favourites which we haven’t mentioned already would be the Go Karts, Rocky River Falls (the parks log flume based ride) and the Astroslide! Although the park is targetted towards the family market and more the younger audience, the park surprised ourselves and is fun even for adults for an afternoon out.

A perfect destination for the everyday family

Overall, we LOVE Wicksteed Park. If it’s not for the beautiful landscape and surrounding area, the thrilling attractions and classic, historic rides, then the whole atmosphere, presentation and adventure brings the park to life!

If you are looking to attend Wicksteed Park, then make sure you follow them on social media and head to the website for further infomation! We wish to send our thanks to Wicksteed Park for welcoming us for our first time and inviting us to experience the rides and zip wire.

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