Aim escape room - patient zero 2150 escape room review

AIM Escape is a premium entertainment brand focused on delivering outstanding end to end customer experience. Developed by an all-star in-house team of puzzle and challenge designers, engineers and set designers. AIM Escape creates interactive, immersive games rooted in hyper-realistic scenarios with state of the art technology that sets the bar for experiential entertainment. With four “rooms” in heart of city of London AIM Escape brings gaming into the real world.

We were lucky enough to attend and try out one of their escape rooms known as Patient Zero 2150. 

Armageddon becons. The world’s superpowers are no more. Renegade factions vie for domination. Rogue scientists have breached all moral boundaries creating pathogens that create non-humans. Nerve agents so nightmarish that they corrupt physically and mentally, turning those exposed into the living dead – zombies. In the subterranean depths of their secret facility the pathogen has escaped. It must be contained or all human kind, as we know it, will cease to exist. Your mission – contain the bio-threat, secure the facility and escape uninfected. Can you hold your breath for 60 minutes? This high tech terror will test the smartest players

First of all, we want to say how stunning and realistic the room truly was. Every part of the room was themed leaving no wall or corner out. This allowed and kept with their ethos of creating these hyper-realistic scenarios which they want to keep you in for that 60 minutes and not enough escape rooms follow.

The escape experience also included state of the art technology which again, is something we see in parts in other escape experiences however, not on the level and experience AIM has produced. With this level of technology, they have been able to create some one-of-a-kind games and puzzles to match the zombie / science lab theme they have going on. 

Other highlights to mention would be they include a soundtrack which changes with the situation to create the moment more tense. Alongside this, sound effects are used to show if you are doing the right or wrong thing which again, makes the experience totally unique. Lighting is used superbly all the way through the puzzles & rooms and just adds to that hyper realism they are going for. 

Clues are given through a character and played via speakers in the room. This allows for a fluid game and means you don’t have to break the experience by having a staff member explaining it to you. The puzzles provided range in difficulty and this allows for the whole family to enjoy it. This room is rated as a difficult rating however, some puzzles were pretty easy whilst others definitely needed a lot more time. 

AIM didn’t use a timer in this escape room however, you do only have 60 minutes to escape. We are unsure if this was a good or a bad thing to not knowing how long we had left. This means we were always trying to escape however, I can see this may be seen as a negative point to players wanting to know. 

We managed to escape the room in just under the time limit. Overall, we love the experience for so many different points. The main reasons were the lighting, top class technology that they use along with the hyper realistic scenarios that they wish to keep you in for that time you are with them. We believe they have kept to every word they state and think this is one of the top rated escape rooms you could possibly do when you’re next in London!

The Escape Room is open seven days a week by appointment via the booking system on the website. The ticket cost: Monday – Friday Off-peak (09:00 — 17:59) is £30 per person, Monday – Friday Peak (18:00 — 23:00) is £40 per person, Saturday – Sunday Peak (10:00 — 23:00) is £40 per person.


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