Breakout escape rooms manchester reclassified review

Breakout is an established escape room brand with games based in 4 different cities in England including Liverpool & Chester. We visited the Manchester branch which is home to an staggering 12 different escape rooms, plus some additional rooms which are clones, ideal for larger groups who have to split, but allow challengers to go head to head to escape the quickest!

Our choice of escape room theme was the Reclassified (Blue). “After a tough six months of vigorous training, today is the day you will take part in your final agent examination. You will be tested on eight key skill sets that will challenge you in every way possible. Do you have what it takes to become a top-secret agent?

We were welcomed by a warm greeting from the game host who got us settled in, and into the briefing room where rules & general information about the experience were effectively given.

Reclassified can be played as a race experience between another team in the room next door. The puzzles are very similar with some obvious differences, such as it being Reclassified ‘Green’ and minor changes to the puzzles to stop the other team cheating. The reason we say this, is that there is a window which you can look into the other room to see the other team. Also, if you did take part in the race against friends, family or another team, there is a box within the room which tells you how far the other team is and adds more thrill to the game and experience.

With any escape game, we don’t like to give too much away to ruin the experience for yourselves. The room was a basic layout which pretty much is what you see is what you get. No additional rooms, no extras spaces, just the starting room is all. Not many escape rooms do this anymore and as much as it limits the excitement on finding a new space, it worked perfectly fine within this experience.

The objective was to open 8 boxes based on the 8 key skills so we can pass our exam as top secret agents. To open each box, you had to solve puzzles based on these skills and they were found somewhere within the room. Some puzzles were required to be solved first before moving on to the next, but others could be done in any order, keeping the whole team busy. We liked the mix of different types of puzzles in the room, some were more fun than quirky and some were quite tricky and wordy. Our favourite puzzle was to do with a hidden racetrack which we thought was super clever and unexpected! Overall, it worked in line with the top secret agent theme.

We’d like to thank Breakout Manchester for inviting us to experience their Reclassified escape room, which we had a lot of fun passing the challenge (with 9 minutes to spare) and are now top secret agents! The Reclassified theme can also be found at the Liverpool & Cardiff branches. There are so many other themes to choose from including ‘The Emporium of Magic’ for budding witches & wizards, or for horror fans take a visit to a cabin in the woods in ‘Forsaken’. Please visit the Breakout Manchester website using the links below for more information on the variety of rooms they have on offer, they also have an online booking facility.


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