Edith at unescapable escape rooms review

Unescapable Escape Rooms is an escape room company based in Derby, which is a highly popular and rated 60 minute experience which tests your code breaking ability and nerve! 

Well, we kind of lied as this is a cover up story of this top secret facility which tests time portals that are potentially dangerous, as they can take you to any situation. This branch tests these time portals with researchers who can travel somewhere in time for an hour before needing to return back. If not, well you wouldn’t want to know what happens to the unlucky individuals who are probably now stuck in the intersteller wormhole… Or so we are told.

We were kindly recruited by Unescapable Escape Rooms to track down Edith. Edith was a lovely Scottish scientist who was required to test the time portal to make sure it was safe and stable. Unfortunately, the team lost communcation with Edith and the time portal is still open. Our goal was to finish Edith’s job.

We entered into the escape room through a hidden portal via the ventilation pipes within the building. We were then transported into what seemed like an old wooden house with some strange and creepy props throughout the room. The room was quite small & cosy and included many well hidden puzzles tucked away in places you wouldn’t even think to look. The flickering lights and strange creaking sounds certainly didn’t help solve the puzzles and really added to the tense and creepy atmosphere the room gave off. With the lights constantly flickering and the sounds getting louder through each puzzle, it started to make these simple puzzles incredibly difficult and costly on time.

fter listening to Edith’s backstory, we entered into another secret area of the building to solve some further simple puzzles which were made much harder, due to them being spaced about. This required your team to split and be left alone in very secluded areas of the room whilst these paranormal activities kept happening. To really ramp up the fear factor, the lights completely kept going off at key moments and somebody was lurking in the shadows… We believe this was Edith! Unfortunately, scared of the light due to whatever happening previously to our attendence, we could never track her fully down, neither did we want to!

We believe this escape room was a perfect mixture of scares and fun through the whole experience and was cleverly designed with what they had in mind. Although the puzzles were not difficult and no technology was used within the room, the clues matched the theme perfectly of where they took you back to and the tense moments created by Edith really made the simplest of things much harder. Following a linear gameplay style, this allowed the team to all focus on the same task although, added to the awkward tense moments created by Edith.

This was a simple room made clever by the use of an actor, some effects and a brilliant storyline.

If you want to experience the full force of Edith or take another adventure in the time travelling portals, we recommended you get in touch with Unescapable escape rooms. 



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