Liseberg Halloween Review 2019

Liseberg is a theme park located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Known for its world class rides, an incredible atmosphere along with detailed high quality events, Liseberg is the place to visit throughout the year. This is even more so with their Halloween event which has been been given some outstanding reviews in previous years.

Halloween at Liseberg is targeted towards a wide range of audiences. For the families, scare zones and magic shows are about for a much more tame experience whilst for the older audience, 5 scare mazes are scattered around to experience. The park is decorated all around with pumpkins, carrots, scarecrows and more being found absolutely everywhere. Even more themeing can be found within the two scare zones the park have throughout this spooktacular period. The standard is set from the very start when you arrive at Liseberg, with the entrance also having its spooky treatment being covered in pumpkins. A festive overlay to the map amongst other small changes are really noticed and impressive for this theme park.

Liseberg’s offerings for 2019 are the following 5 scare mazes; Zombie, Hotel Garsten, Experiment, Vinden and Skogen. The two scare zones were called Distrikt Z & Cirkus Bizarr. This is also on top of other side attractions such as a magic show and themeing going on around the park. Skogen is the brand new maze for 2019 and is based on what’s lurking in the forest at night.



With Skogen being brand new for 2019, we had high hopes with reviews for all of the other previous existing attractions being quite high. Unfortunately, Skogen didn’t deliver the performance we hoped with it being the weakest attraction of our trip. The attraction opens after dusk due to it being the only outside based maze the park has. Featured in a woodlands area within the park, the immersiveness was unfortunately lost due to the lights from the big wheel. However with this all said, we believed the attraction was a creepy addition to the lineup with the potential of further scares on a larger scale once ironed out. Themed to creatures that are lurking in the forest, it matches the Halloween creepy vibe given across all the attractions with not knowing what’s hidden around the next corner. Overall, a weak maze but a creepy overlay with potential.

Scare: 4/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 4/10 – Actors: 4/10

Overall: 12/30


Experiment is located next to Helix and is based on a failing experiment which leads into chaos. A known and used theme, Experiment was an average maze with a few surprises. The scares were pretty jumpy in the dimly lit corridors with plenty of actors using cleverly hidden spaces to create the best impact for the whole group. Most of the scares being directed towards the front of the group, the middle and the back of the group also got a fair amount of attention within. The themeing was filled in each room and area of the maze & the storyline was simple and understood in any language. Overall, this was an impressive attraction with detailed themeing but lacked in length and an original concept and storyline.

Scare: 6/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 6/10 – Actors: 5/10

Overall: 17/30

Hotel Gasten

An all-season attraction being open normally for visitors joins the Halloween lineup due to its extra addition of actors and scares. A creepy hotel is for you to explore the several highly detailed themed rooms as you venture further and deeper into the building. The scares were quite punchy with the darker segments and there was a good feel of creepiness given by the actors. Our favourite part within Hotel Gasten is the water filled room which had some incredible detail with perfect effects and lighting. This with the rest of the adventure through was highly detailed and is a perfect errie set for a scare attractions with multiple hiding spots for the actors. With it being a large scare attractions, some areas were dependant on animations and effects instead of actors which we thought could be ramped up a little more but overall, a strong, long, high detailed themed haunt for an attraction, especially one which is open outside of Halloween too!

Scare: 5/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 10/10 – Actors: 6/10

Overall: 21/30


Zombie is located underneath the roller-coaster Valkyria and is no surprise themed around zombies. The backstory linking in the coaster building, is an office that has been overrun by zombies and now roamed by the infested as you try and make your way through to the safe zone. As you enter Zombie, you start with a reception based area as you then venture through themed sets from a typical office, kitchen, bathroom and storage cupboards. The scares were very strong with multiple jump scares in different forms being used. Using a typical American pre set scare which is set off using a mixture of lights, sounds and actor participation, this gave a range of guaranteed scares along with the non pre-set scares you typically find in European scare attractions. The actors were wild and incredibly gruesome in costume, with the sight of some of them being truly terrifying enough. Overall, Zombie is a very in depth haunt which creates multiple scares the whole way round, using detailed sets and effects to create tension and screams.

Scare: 8/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 9/10 – Actors: 7/10

Overall: 24/30


Vinden was our favourites this Halloween season and certainly the strongest during our time at Liseberg. Based in an Attic on the upper floors of a building within the park, Vinden had an eerie theme of everything creepy including dolls, chants and haunted school girls. With a unique start to get to the Attic, you board a construction lift to the upper floors of the building where the attraction is located before shortly entering the maze. From the very start, the actors were in force and were beyond creepy in appearance and presence. Every corner included another chilling scare from another actor lurking in the darkness with chanted music playing in the background for additional tension. The truly most terrifying scene within Vinden has to be the room of dolls surrounding you whilst they moved and chanted as you walk through the middle of them, a genuinely unnerving moment every time you experience the haunt that sends shivers down your spine. The actors were on top form with the scares and creepiness, having the right balance from start to finish and knowing how to team up together to get the most horrifying screams for every guest. Overall, Vinden is a unique and intense attraction that most people will find beyond terrifying. The whole package was delivered with thought and detail to create the most haunted Attic on the upper floors at Liseberg.

Scare: 9/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 10/10 – Actors: 9/10

Overall: 28/30

Cirkus Bizarr

Distrikt Z

Liseberg Halloween is a superb event overall which included everything from scare zones, mazes and shows to keep the whole audience who visit the park, scared and entertained during the darker time of year. The park has an incredible atmosphere and even though during the quietest of times looks busy, this ambience helps with the screams coming from every corner of the place whilst not leaving the queue lines too busy during the most peak of times.

With our visit happening during the middle of October, the Saturday was the busier day with it gradually getting busier as the day got on whilst the Sunday was virtually no queues around the whole park during our entire day. This allowed for everything to be done from the rides and scare mazes multiple times without waiting too long at any given point.

Overall, this place shouldn’t be missed from your Halloween radars in the future and to anybody who hasn’t visited, should seriously consider for a trip during the next Halloween, or even this year if you fancy a last minute vacation. If you are too scared to partake in the Halloween events, the up to 12 hour opening times and rides in the day & night with a variety of attractions to enjoy are perfect.

We would like to thank Liseberg for inviting us to come experience Liseberg and the Halloween event. We cannot wait to see how Liseberg continues to grow as a park and what Halloween 2020 has to offer!

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