Movie Park Germany Halloween Horror Festival Reivew 2019

Movie Park Germany is Europe’s biggest Halloween festival which is located within Germany. Since our earlier visit in the year, we decided to head back to the theme park to see how the additional Halloween event played out.

Movie Park Germany Halloween event is also known as Halloween Horror Fest which takes over the park for 23 nights during October and November. Starting all the way back in 1996 and using mainly movie references and attractions, the event has rapidly grown popularity to be given now the title as Europe’s biggest Halloween festival.

46 acres that the park covers includes 8 mazes, 4 scare zones, multiple shows and much much more. Including all of the theme park rides and the only opportunity throughout the year to ride the coasters in the dark. From 6pm, the Halloween Horror Fest begins with the whole park becoming a playground for the monsters with only Nickland being the safe zone.

The 2019 line up includes 8 mazes such as Wrong Turn, rated the best abroad scare maze during Scare Con last year, Hostel which takes you through an Amsterdam Hostel before everything gets a little sinister and Project Ningyo which is brand new for 2019. Scattered around the park also you will find the 4 scare zones such as Acid Rain including a live DJ being Tomorrowland featured Max Bering and Horrorwood Street taking over main street with a range of monsters. Multiple shows are also included like the hypnosis show performed 3 times a night, an opening show to the park which includes some of the actors within the scare zones & mazes and a dance show along with the Horrorwood Shutdown show at the end of the day with pyro, music and lights all included.

Circus of Freaks

Circus of Freaks is a typical clown based maze which can be found within the main street of the park. With all your funfair favourites scattered across the maze, you get to see a makeup artist, the animals and all of the freaks during your journey through the circus. The scares were more on the tame side within this attraction but still had the moment of surprise and spooks hidden throughout the corridors and different sections. The actors were the highlight of the attraction with a fairly huge team taking over the space in a range of good costumes and makeup. The themeing and storyline is where it lacked the most. The maze had huge sections of covered fencing with some elements of good themeing but the storyline seeming quite basic alongside this, it wasn’t a standout attraction. With this all said, Circus of Freaks was still a huge amount of fun and for one of the eight mazes, it included scares, a decent size cast and good costumes & makeup throughout!

Scare: 4/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 5/10 – Actors: 6/10

Overall: 15/30


Campout is Movie Park Germany’s outside dominant attraction which is based in a woodland area just outside of the usual guest accessed area close to the Bandit rollercoaster. Based on a camping experience where a soul catcher has captured the souls of young campers and now lets them roam and seek help in the dark forest. During your journey, you meet several scary dark souls which were lurking in between tents, trees and huts all built within the woodland area. The scares were good but very spaced out with special effects with reset american styled scares amongst other random impact scares. The creepiness of walking through a woodland forest area in dim lighting also worked with the very little sounding from outside of the park distracting you from the immersiveness of the forest maze. The themeing and storyline was realisitic and believable throughout and although it had no standout sets or featured anything on the higher budget side, it felt like a camping adventure and the natural forest being the best bit of themeing working for the attraction. The cast played their part in keeping the scares unexpecting whilst being creepy by lurking long after they have scared us to make us feel even more uncomfortable. Overall, a fairly well themed maze with a great theme pulled off well.

Scare: 6/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 6/10 – Actors: 7/10

Overall: 19/30

The Walking Dead: Breakout

The Walking Dead: Breakout needs no introduction. Based on the popular TV zombie series The Walking Dead, the maze is based on some of the seasons most rememberable scenes and stories from the show. Also a year round experience, The Walking Dead: Breakout is a paid addition and does not change for the Halloween season but works well with the lineup around the park. The attraction does not drop in scares or lose any actors during the Halloween Horror Festival and keeps up a good level of zombie filled scares throughout. The scenes are based on some of the biggest and remembered stories from the series such as Terminus, Woodbury’s Prison & the farm. This dimly lit maze executed the scenes perfectly using effects as you walked into each different zone as it took you through the different story elements from the show as you relived these in person. The actors as mentioned were not holding back with some good scares throughout from the get go and managed to get a few jump scares when we didn’t expect it. Overall, a perfect attraction based on The Walking Dead which can be experienced throughout the whole season, not just for Halloween!

Scare: 6/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 – Actors: 7/10

Overall: 20/30


The Slaughterhouse was our next highest rated attraction of the night being based on a slaughterhouse, with a twist. Meatfactory Inc is the new branch of the food industry who specialises in disturbuting human body parts. The scares were pretty good throughout the maze and really ramped up the further you got in. The storyline was very basic but worked well but the themeing was where the maze stood out. With sections that went into such fine details with the incredible detail (such as the photo to the left) showing a butcher style room with each can labelled as a body part product. Items such as Sausage from a young child, Brains & Women Stomach all being canned and ready to be bought. The other stand out room was towards the end with a long section being filled with dense smoke and being unable to see much further than a step ahead, making our get away from the chopping boards even more difficult. The actors executed the meat shop & slaughterhouse style well in simple costumes. With this being more of an intense maze instead of creepy, the unusual products and vibe of the attraction will forever be a memorable one.

Scare: 7/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 7/10 – Actors: 7/10

Overall: 21/30

Insidious – Chapter 2

 Based on the popular horror movie, Insidous Chapter 2, you step into the story as you go through your own horror film as you follow along the haunted and spirited journey of the paranormal encounters. At the start of the maze, the creepiness began and whilst the room sizes were quite large, this left for the biggest impact scares to get you with well timed theatrical scares to get your heart racing in this paranormal adventure from the start. As the maze progressed, this then came along with haunted scenes of the film itself and knowing all too well that we’d be jumping out of skin the further we got into the story. The themeing was pretty amazing in most of the rooms and had many excellent scenes where the lighting, music and actors combined created that perfect film immersiveness to put you right into that scene from the film. We couldn’t flaw this attraction and it lived up well to the film however, despite the attraction building up tension from the start and delivering throughout, the ending was a little empty and where it could improve on in the future.

Scare: 7/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 8/10 – Actors: 7/10

Overall: 22/30

Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn is arguably the best scare attraction for many at Movie Park Germany during Halloween. Winning a SCAR Award during Scare Con earlier this year for it’s strong performance and effects during it’s run in 2018, the park have spent even more money on this outstanding attraction. For 2019, due to the popularitiy of the maze and the attempt to make this an even better experience, capacity has been limited and an extra cost is required to complete this on top of your ticket like The Walking Dead: Breakout. As you take a trip to West Virginia and your car breaks down, you enter into the wilderness to try and avoid the deformed creatures inside. The maze featured Haunted Lantern technology which means for a portion of the attraction, each small group held a dimly lit lantern which flickered, changed colours and reacted in different parts of the maze. This really helped with the atmosphere and tension of the attraction. This alongside the sheer size of the maze, not only in length but in height, really took our breathe away with nothing comparing as far as we are aware in Europe! This combined with some great scares and tense moments, we could see how Wrong Turn is a big hit and has won an award previously. Although this was not our favourite or highest rated attraction of the night, you couldn’t fault Wrong Turn and is a truly superb attraction that you must do if any during Halloween at Movie Park Germany.

Scare: 8/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 10/10 – Actors: 8/10

Overall: 26/30

Project Ningyo

Brand new for 2019, Project Ningyo is based on eternal youth and true beauty. Take a tour of the facility to see behind the scenes to see if you are ready for eternity however, every company has it’s secrets and after an unfortunate explosion during your tour, you must evacuate the facility but not before you learn the dark truth behind the project. The attraction was brand new and not knowing too much before our visit, we were looking forward to this. Using a slightly different vibe to a scare attraction, this uniquely themed maze starts very bright, clean and story driven compared to the dark, intense typical mazes we are normally use to. Until you are fully immersered into the tour, things start to go wrong and the scares then begin. The attraction quickly changes from its bright ways into many scenes based on youth but in much darker ways. The storyline driven attraction is what really gives Project Ningyo it’s high rating with some of the themeing in places needing improving however, some of the themeing throughout the attraciton was also of high quality which was mainly scene at the start of the attraction.

Scare: 7/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 10/10 – Actors: 9/10

Overall: 26/30


Hostel was a stand out attraction during our visit to Movie Park Germany. Based on entering a Hostel and taking on a tour of pleasure, you enter a place like no other which eventually goes downhill and you end up somewhere you don’t want to be! Being one of the only mazes where the actors were officially allowed to touch you, the scares were ramped up in this maze with an entire scene dedicated to chaos and pushing when locked in a freezer. The themeing and storyline had some complex elements but you could work this out when going around and with quite a unique theme, it worked for the park. The actors were fun and energetic at the start before becoming more and more creepy the deeper you get. Before becoming chaotic towards the end and leaving you running out of the attraction. Overall, Hostel was unique and had some different elements we’ve not seen in a maze. From the scare techniques to the unique theme, we really enjoyed Hostel and what it had to bring to the tables for a European scare house. 

Scare: 10/10 – Themeing & Storyline: 9/10 – Actors: 9/10

Overall: 28/30

On top of the scare mazes, we had the opportunity to ride some of the well known rollercoasters in the dark such as Star Trek. This is the only opportunity to get to ride the attractions during the night and is a great opportunity for the park. The park featured multiple scare zones scattered around the park along with a handful of pop up shows. We managed to walk through these quite briefly during our time there however, these seemed highly popular and actor filled. The one which seemed to gather the most interest was the Acid Rain area. This featured fire, some spooky characters along with it’s own DJ playing music from the start to the end of the night. 

Overall, Movie Park Germany’s Halloween Horror Festival was a fantastic event which we hugely enjoyed. This highly popular event runs for multiple nights and if you did wish to go and visit, we would recommend fast track or multiple visits to get everything done due to how long the mazes are open for and how long the queues can get. With queues reaching over 2 hours at points for mazes such as Project Ningyo, you would really only get a handful of haunted houses done during your visit and we hope the park in the future would look to expand the event times to allow more time for this. The park did include everything from it’s thrilling rides in the dark to some incredibly themed and intense mazes which makes for a great evening out. 

We would like to thank the Movie Park Germany team for inviting us over to come and experience the Halloween Horror Festival and getting to experience all of the attractions within one night. They also allowed us to gain exclusive images inside the attractions which are displayed throughout the review and below in the gallery. We hope the park continues to be successful with the Halloween event and we cannot wait to see how the event expands in the future to continue making it one of Germany’s best Halloween events! 


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