Parc Asterix Christmas Review 2019

Parc Asterix joins our Christmas theme park lineup as we visit the park during late December to experience Christmas in the park. For the first time in a long time, Parc Asterix opens for 2 weeks during the Christmas period to celebrate their 30th anniversary. From December 21st 2019 through to January 5th 2020, join Asterix and Obelix at Parc Asterix as they offer more than the usual thrills.

The park is open from 11am through to 7pm during the Christmas event. During busier periods, the park has the option to extend closing and during our trip, park closure was extended until 8pm! Most rides remain open during the winter season however, some water rides closed like other European theme parks however, some also remained open.

Additions to the park include a ice rink, Christmas shows, Christmas meet and greets and much more. Prices vary at time of purchase however, prices remain untouched during the Christmas season due to a large offering still by Parc Asterix.

Across the park, it is decorated in Christmas colours and decorations all the way throughout. This along with the 30th anniversary decorations really make Parc Asterix stand out than ever before and really brings out a stunning picturesque theme park. A Christmas Market and stalls could be found throughout the park which sells festive treats & drinks from mulled wine to Christmas Coca Cola customisable bottles.

Tous en Piste is a skating village put on for the event at the park. Hosted where the ghost train use to be situated, a temporary ice skating rink, indoor decorations, photo opportunities and many more activities aimed towards the family audience have been put up. The atmosphere was very festive in this location and it does not look like the ghost train building we remember it as. Although some noticeable sections of the ghost train building still show if you look close enough!

The ride availability throughout Christmas is incredible with most rides and attractions open during this festive event. Some of the more wetter attractions such as Le Grand Splatch are not open however, this removes only a handful of rides from the usual lineup. During our visit, it was extremely cold and the more bigger & thrilling rides opened slightly later in the day due to this. Favourites such as Tonnerre De Zeus & Pegase Express were great to ride as always!

The new attraction we got to experience was Attention Menhir, a 4d movie and experience based on the cartoon characters of Asterix & Obelisk. This had a great pre show room where you waited to enter the main movie theatre, which included shadows telling a story with moving elements to make it more 3d than 2d. The movie itself included a great range of special effects and we’re some of the best we’ve seen for these types of experiences. All accompanied by a great short film which you did not need to be French to understand what was going on, creating a great all round universal experience for guests

Parc Asterix also hosted some additional shows for the Christmas period. We experienced two of these shows and both had great diversity from each other. The first was a magic show which the magacian specialised in the art of levitation. A fun show for the family with some good tricks and illusions throughout with a range of themed props and guest participation.

The other show being an ice skating show in Santa’s toy factory. Watching the toys come alive and being packed away ready to be given out during Christmas whilst Santa defends them from a theif. This show uses acrobatics, stunts, pyrotechnics, ice skaters and much more through its 30 minute exclusive show. One of the best shows we’ve watched in a European park during 2019 and a high recommendation from us if brought back in 2020.

To end the day, a show known and translates to The Island of Wishes gathers guests to watch a show with music & fireworks in a short display to bring the festive day to a close. Across the lake, with a backdrop of Goudrix, a powerful colourful display was well put on and is a nice piece to have before you leave the park.

Overall, Parc Asterix offer a fantastic Christmas offering for the first time in a long while. This is to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Parc Asterix which also included other events throughout 2019. From the huge ride selection, additional offerings, shows and much more, Parc Asterix have really celebrated the Christmas season the best way possible.

Christmas at Parc Asterix will return for the 2020/2021 season with dates, times and all infomation being displayed on the Parc Asterix website.

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