Phantasialand Charles Lindbergh Hotel Review

Phantasialand launches its soft opening of Rookburgh, a brand new steampunk themed area which offers an experience beyond your imagination. A worldwide unique adventure, an exclusive experience by day and night!

Please note this review does contain images, videos and therefore does contain spoilers of the new Rookburgh area, F.L.Y. coaster & Charles Lindbergh hotel.

The journey begins before you step into Phantasialand theme park by entering through the hotel, Charles Lindbergh. With an impressive entrance to start a unique adventure, you enter through to check in to join the exclusive club as a guest of Charles Lindbergh as the Explorers’ Society. 

Priced at €450 for a weekend booking at Charles Lindbergh Hotel, the package includes 2 people access to a nights stay in one of the cabins, exclusive access to the hotel as a member of the Explorers’ Society (guests without a booking cannot enter the hotel), 2 day ticket each into Phantasialand through a private boarding gate directly into Rookburgh, 2 fast passes each to the flying launch coaster F.L.Y., a 3 course dinner in the new restaurant Uhrwerk and a buffet styled breakfast!

Guests can start their adventure within the Charles Lindbergh Hotel from 3:30pm however, you can get your park tickets earlier. Entering into 1 of the 109 cabins they have to offer through 1 of the 5 different boarding gates. Each boarding gate offers a different view of the Rookburgh area and a very up and close experience with the F.L.Y. coaster. 

The cabins are quite small compared to a normal room at the other Phantasialand hotels however, they include enough space for 2 people. Including all the basic amenities, the room had no faults with plenty of storage space considering its size and was overall quite cosy and quiet during our stay.

With some many unique perspectives to view the new coaster and themed area, it was a different experience to your usual night stay at a theme park. Especially at night, Rookburgh lights up which only hotel guests get to experience at present.

Some really amazing features we loved in the Charles Lindbergh cabins and experience was the small minor details given during your stay. This starts from when you check in as you are given some items for your stay, such as different tickets as boarding passes, which give you unique access into Rookburgh if there is a queue into the area and they are your access into the hotel. You are also given a notebook which includes you breakfast and dinner time, alongside all of the information you need for your stay. This is done in a story themed way instead of just basic boring instructions, which we’ve not seen before! 

This continues through to the cabins which include a newspaper with some information about the area. You are also given some aeronautic goggles for the duration of your stay that are very similar to Charles Lindbergh’s. 

1919 is the hotel bar which offers a very unique menu when it comes to drinks. Whilst the other two Phantasialand hotels offer pretty standard drinks, 1919 gives more of a luxury option with it being known for its craft beer options, 15 to be exact! If beer isn’t to your fancy, they offer a selection of sharing cocktails which come with some tasty sweet treats within! 

The bar continues with the steampunk styled theme and offers some entertainment in terms of dart boards and a free pool table.

The restaurant Uhrwerk is just through the bar and offers guests an evening 3 course meal, as well as breakfast in the morning. The menu offered a range of different food which again is different compared to the other hotels they have to offer, giving its tagline of Homemade, Handmade, Unique. 

Overall, Charles Lindbergh hotel is a premium package offer at Phantasialand, joining two other fantastic hotels they already have to offer. This is a completely unique experience from the night stay in the cabin next to a coaster, to the exclusive access you currently get during your stay as a member of the Explorers’ Society. Prices vary depending on if you are attending as 1 or 2 people and if its a weekday or weekend however, we highly recommend coming with someone to enjoy this steampunk aeronautic adventure. 

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