Thrill Monthly April edition

April has been… well non existent. With Covid 19 still affecting the UK, Europe and even further, lockdown still remains for the duration of April meaning not much to do or experience. Saying this, a fair bit of news has been released in the UK, Europe and other attractions. Some good but much of it unfortunately bad. With this being said, a lot can still happen whilst being in lockdown such as playing games, taking part in virtual quizzes & experiencing a virtual escape room (which we highly recommend)!  

Thrill Monthly is a monthly article which will highlight the major news and updates happening throughout the UK and European countries. We will share our best photos and experiences each month alongside sharing any reviews and future reviews expected to be upcoming from us in the following month! Whilst we try to cover as much as possible, some news and infomation will at times not be included within the article and this is down to our discretion.

News & Updates

UK Theme Parks

  • M&D’s Scotland Theme Park goes into administration after many years of financial struggle.
  • Paultons Parks new area Tornado Springs due to open in May 2020 has been delayed until Easter 2021. 
  • Merlin Entertainments cancel all holiday bookings until June 1st at present. 
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers & other theme parks are offering a larger range of merchandise online whilst being closed online. 

Other Thrills

  • Tulleys Shocktoberfest removes new maze for 2020 due to sensitive nature – Wasteland Infirmary.
  • Blackpool Dungeons offer new show after lockdown. 
  • Ghost of Chesterton House, a live horror experience return for 2021 (delayed from 2020).
  • Somerset Guy Fawkes carnival cancelled for 2020.
  • Cursed, Essex No.1 Scare Park are hosting livestreams with popular characters from the event.

 European Thrills

  • Tripsdrill Theme Park have started testing both new coasters which were expected to open later this year. 
  • Phantasialand new coaster F.L.Y continues to test behind closed doors. 
  • Legoland New York opening has been delayed until 2021. 
  • Walibi Holland host a inflatable duck race on the rapids over on Facebook.
  • Skyline Park has put it to its guests to see what restrictions they should put in place on top of goverment restrictions for safety when they can reopen after the pandemic. 
  • Flamingoland & Efteling have not updated about if their coasters are expected to open later this year as expected. 
  • Kolmarden Zoo in Sweden reopens with stricter measures such as lower capacity from the 1st May

Quarantine Special

  • Virtual Escape Rooms have been created in multiple different forms all across the world to be played by anyone, anywhere for the first time. Print, Cut, Escape by clueQuest is a paper based game, Agent November have designed a brand new escape room designed solely for lockdown using Zoom & Memphis Escape Rooms over in America have opened the rooms using a camera and a game master to help you solve the puzzles instead of being there! 
  • Theme Park Quizzes become a regular weekend activity – Cupcakes & Coasters, Zero G, Scare Tour & ourselves hosting one on a regular basis via My Quiz. We recommend you check each individuals social medias to see when the next one is happening! 

Top Thrills Of The Month


Well April has been rather unusual with what is going on in the outside world and we all know that normal is unfortunately is a little bit away still. With that said, this is a perfect time to catch up on things you have neglected if you are not working and save some money for the bigger trips once we can go back on them! 

When I have not been in a supermarket queue or fighting for my toilet roll, I’ve loved being able to play some theme park games such as Planet Coaster. Additionally, these theme park quizzes have become very addicting even if I am doing badly. I’ve even managed to get some minigolf in with Golf With Friends. 

Otherwise, these virtual escape rooms have been such great fun. If you have not tried one, we would honestly recommend checking out our reviews of some we are experiencing. We even managed to play one all the way in America! 



The current situation has been tough on everyone, and having more free time than ever with seemingly nothing to do. I’ve downloaded Planet Coaster to try and get immersed in theme parks still, and have done a bit of mountain biking in my local area to get some thrills.

Lockdown has brought many challenges to the industry, but escape rooms have managed to shine through at this time. Cluequest have done a print at home escape room with multiple clever puzzles which is blended with an online system for codes etc.

Agent November have created a purpose built escape room where you guide an actor via video call and play out the game, was really good fun and worked flawlessly, definitely the highlight of the month.


Lockdown has been frustrating to say the least but we are lucky to have the access we do. Whether that is from the likes of forums, social media, pc games such as Planet Coaster or Ride Sims. Parks are also increasing the amount of engaging social media posts from interesting facts, amazing drone videos or even Walibi Hollands wacky giant duck race down their river rapids!

I personally can’t wait for lockdown to end, life as we know it will changed in the immediate future but hopefully it all levels out further down the line. Which park will I go to first depends on which one opens first and how convenient it is to get there!

Stay safe everyone!

This Months Reviews

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Cupcakes & Coasters are who we recommend you check out this month. Cupcakes & Coasters was created by Jordan, where she blogs, vlogs and debates over a large range of theme parks across the UK, Europe & Asia. With a large coaster count, Jordan knows how to organise a credit trip to visiting some of best places across the world. Throughout lockdown, Cupcakes & Coasters have hosted a weekly quiz which is super popular, with a range of difficulty in questions and some great topics each week. Make sure if you have not already you check out her YouTube, socials and the weekly quiz whilst you can!

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