Thrill Monthly May edition

May brings us a step closer to normality and a step closer to some thrills. Whilst theme parks remain closed throughout the UK, our friends across Europe have seen theme parks start to open within the last week. Whilst they open, a new era begins with social distancing rules being introduced along with better hygiene measures brought in for the foreseeable future. Whilst we continue to wait for other thrills to open back up, virtual adventures are still in full swing with a handful of quizzes still existing from our friends at Zero G Media along with many worldwide escape rooms offering virtual fun for family & friends!

Thrill Monthly is a monthly article which will highlight the major news and updates happening throughout the UK and European countries. We will share our best photos and experiences each month alongside sharing any reviews and future reviews expected to be upcoming from us in the following month! Whilst we try to cover as much as possible, some news and information will at times not be included within the article and this is down to our discretion.

Lockdown Social Post
Gangsta Granny

News & Updates

UK Theme Parks

  • Picsolve who are the on ride / park service for many UK theme parks entered administration
  • Alton Towers delay Gangsta Granny & new area until Spring 2021
  • Merlin Entertainments cancel all short breaks in theme parks / attractions until July 4th
  • Lightwater Valley to be prosecuted after roller coaster accident back in 2019

Other Thrills

  • Crazy Golf opens across the UK with social distancing measures
  • clueQuest release episode 2 of Print Cut Escape

 European Thrills

  • European Theme Parks start to open such as Europa Park, Movie Park Germany & Toverland with new social distancing methods such as reduced capacity, mask wearing & virtual queuing

    Top Thrills Of The Month


    Sabotage on the Starcrusader Cosmica

    May seemed to go quicker than April did which is a positive and with other theme parks starting to open, it gives some hope we aren’t too far away in the UK! 

    Until then, we have now played 12 virtual experiences, from escape rooms based in Amsterdam & America through to murder mysteries which have recently launched. 

    My favourites have been Sabotage on a Starcrusadar Cosmica by Mingle & Mischief, a brand new virtual murder mystery which was bundles of fun & Cosmic Panic by Questventure, another new company with a space themed puzzle escape room game for a really good price! 

    You could say I’ve spent most of my time out of this planet this month with all these space themed games!


    Minigolf May

    Whilst I’ve been making the most of the outdoors, it’s still a shame there was no real leisure activities to undertake, and with the news more and more likely that theme parks won’t be open until at least 4th July, the outlook seemed a little bleak.

    Golf With Friends on the PC wasn’t quite cutting it anymore, and out of nowhere last weekend, outdoor crazy golf courses started reopening which was welcome news, so definitely took up the opportunity to play Victoria Falls Adventure Golf in Bath!

    The month also included many virtual escape activities, including my personal highlights, The Truth About Edith and Casino Mortale!


    Thorpe Park Resort Lake Shot

    This month I have been to Monks Walk which is the public path that goes round the back of Thorpe Park twice. Since lockdown restrictions were eased it allowed me to drive up to Thorpe Park and have a different walk.

    The views you get are something else, although I didn’t see any rides testing on my 2 visits it is clear that there is still work going on to get the park back open when they are allowed to.

    This Months Reviews

    Questventure Cosmic Panic
    The Truth ABout Edith
    Sabotage on the Starcrusader Cosmica
    Fuzzy Logic Vet Office Review Team Photo
    Prison Escape Online
    Lola In Space Review
    clueQuest Print Cut Escape Episode
    Casino Mortale Cover
    Cover Photo Attempt

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