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Tripsdrill is one of Germany’s top theme parks which has a beautiful landscape, top class rollercoasters and some thrilling attractions. Whilst experiencing the park back in 2019, we were hugely impressed by the overall atmosphere of the park with everything they had to offer. 2020 at Tripsdrill launches 2 thrilling rollercoasters in a new area of the park which we go into detail below alongside a general overlook of the park during the 2020 season. 

Our 2019 review which goes into much further detail about existing attractions & the park can be found by clicking here!

Tripsdrill is located in southern Germany opening back in 1929, making it the oldest operating theme park within Germany. Hosting many different entertainment options within its grounds, you can experience rollercoasters, museums, animal encounters, playgrounds and other thrilling attractions. All of this is accompanied with some of the best landscaping found within theme parks.

Some of the best attractions within the park are Mammut, a wooden rollercoaster that packs a punch, Karacho, a launching Gerstlauer which twists and turns with a steam punk theme and new for 2020, two Vekoma’s called Full Steam & Head Over Heels (translated from its German name).

We attended during early September to experience the new coasters alongside the current coronavirus climate to see how the park has adapted and dealing with this situation.

Hals-über-Kopf & Volldampf are the two brand new coasters for 2020, both made by Vekoma and aimed towards the family market. Volldampf translates to full steam, giving the thrilling train rollercoaster its matching name. Hals-über-Kopf is a suspended coaster which is even more thrilling and targets more to the thrill seekers. 

We loved the two new attractions within the park and as they have opened in 2020, you may notice a lack of themeing. The themeing is still to be added and is expected to be completed in 2021. Once completed, we can only imagine the complete experience will be out of this world.

Full steam / Volldampf is the family friendly boomerang Vekoma style ride which starts your journey by taking you up a lifthill backwards before dropping you back through the station across many twists & turns, before doing the same but backwards on the same path! 

The roller coaster is designed in the style of a 19th century steam locomotive and inspired by the folk song, Swabian Railway. Taking this into consideration, they made the track interlink with the other headline attraction to create a breathtaking experience for the whole family.

Whilst the themeing is not complete, the ride experience was still great fun. Our favourite part of the Volldampf coaster, has to be the crazy goat on the back of the coaster train, hanging on whilst you rush around the ride.

Hals-über-Kopf / Head Over Heels is the suspended Vekoma which includes the thrill within the new area. This suspended coaster comes with 4 inversions, only a lap bar styled restraint keeps you in throughout your ride on this new prototype coaster. With a layout which goes through the Volldampf coaster, it creates for some great views and moments whilst riding. 

The theme of the hanging rollercoaster goes back to the “Seven Swabians” – a story that has been rooted in Swabia for hundreds of years. The Seven Swabians once set themselves the goal of tracking down a terrifying monster on Lake Constance. Armed with a huge lance, they embarked on a daring adventure. The monster, however, turned out to be a hare, which hobbled away in fright when the Seven Swabians rushed towards him. 

When the themeing is complete for Head Over Heels, the experience will probably be one of the best within Germany, even possible within Europe. We highly enjoyed this new rollercoaster, with spectacular views, a smooth ride and incredible g forces along its 4 upside down moments!


Whilst our visit was in September 2020, Germany was still having to take measures like the rest of the world to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. The measures included social distancing within the queue lines. This was completed like most other theme parks with the help of signs and markings on the floor. In Germany, the distance recommended is 1.5 meters between each group. 

Other signs could be seen throughout the park which gave a overview of what was expected of you at the park. Masks were required in all queues and on all rides. Hand sanitiser could be found outside the entrances of all rides but through the rest of the park, they were a little spaced out and difficult to find. 

 Thankfully Tripsdrill has plenty of space for its guests with a lawn area and plenty of bench areas for guests to have lunch and space out from the rest of the visitors when not on the rides. Overall, we felt comfortable in Tripsdrill with the measures they had taken, with the staff enforcing this to all guests who were not following these properly.

Overall, Tripsdrill Germany is still one of the top theme parks to visit. With the new additions, the park just adds to an already good day out, especially when the sun is shining. There are rides for everyone, from thrill seekers and coaster enthusiasts, through to the average family. If you have still yet to visit Tripsdrill, we recommend to do so throughout the remainder of 2020 and 2021.

We’d like to thank Tripsdrill for inviting us to visit and experience the two brand new coasters. We look forward to riding them in the future when the area is fully themed, to have the complete experience!

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