Hyde Park Outdoor Escape Game by Onigo Review

Whilst lockdown and Covid-19 is about and we were still waiting for the world to open back up for the usual thrills, we took a trip to London to explore alternative options of the limited thrills that could still be available during this time.

Onigo is a self service escape room experience which is completely outdoors in London and a business that could still be played during these times. Hosting two games within central London, Onigo provide a fun outdoor escape room like experience which can be done all by yourself using puzzles they have created across these set locations. 

The two adventures you can experience are The Murder of Hector Reeves in Hyde Park or,  The Human Resistance in Camden & Primrose Hill. Both offering something slightly different, the end goal is still the same which is solve the puzzles as quick as you can by exploring London. In this review, we cover The Murder of Hector Reeves in Hyde Park. 

The Murder of Hector Reeves is set across the whole of Hyde Park. Our mission; There’s been a murder. It happened in broad daylight in Central London but mysteriously, no one saw a thing.

Conveniently (or rather, crucially, or else it would be a rather more challenging game) there have been some clues left behind. Riddles, patterns and whatnot. Can you help us work through each clue and solve the murder?”

Onigo require you to purchase this game through the website where you can select a time slot throughout the day to start the location. Costing £12 per player, with recommendations of having a team of up to 6, the value is worthwhile for a 90 minute experience with a different twist to your average walk around Hyde Park. 

The game starts at your set time which requires you to get to the starting location sent to you via email and clicking on the link to begin.

As highlighted, Onigo is completely a self service game. This means that after you purchase the game, you get directions to where to start at Hyde Park via an email and once you are there, you click on the start button on your email to begin. There is no games master or personal assistance as the games instructions should be simple enough to get you started. 

When clicking on the start button, you are given some simple instructions as expected to how the experience will work. After reading this and selecting your team name, your experience will begin. 

The puzzles embed into the story and each puzzle you solve delve deeper into the story about the murder of Hector Reeves. To do this, you use landmarks throughout Hyde Park in very unusual ways to solve the puzzles. After entering a word or code as requested, you get instructions on moving to the next location in Hyde Park to solve the next puzzle and so on.

The Murder of Hector Reeves puzzles were very clever in how they made you use the landmarks throughout Hyde Park to get the answer to move forward in the game and story. Requiring you to actually visit each location through an in game map was genius. No Google Mapping was allowed which made for the extra level of difficulty when navigating across the large Hyde Park.

The story was a great highlight of the game as well which worked well with the puzzles and how this all game together as a whole package. The story developed through each puzzles and location you solved, giving you more and more details about what actually happened. With some very specific details given to you throughout the game, we recommend to keep good note of every answer and everything mentioned in the story!

Overall, Onigo have put together something completely unique across Hyde Park. The Murder of Hector Reeves includes a great walk (or jog if your time is running out), across many landmarks around Hyde Park whilst solving some quite tricky but yet fun puzzles with a story that keeps you interested in solving like in this case, the murder. 

We managed to complete the experience in just over 90 minutes with only using one hint throughout our game. Hints & answers are available as you play but these cost you valuable time which is deducted from your overall time as you play. Although you are rushing against the clock to complete it in 90 minutes, if you take longer then this is okay. Additionally to completing in 92 minutes, we managed to solve the murder by arresting the correct suspect! 

We would like to say a massive thank you to Onigo for allowing us to experience The Murder of Hector Reeves and to see how their adventurous game works. With 14 mind boggling puzzles, taking nearly 5000 steps around 3.5km around Hyde Park at £12 per person, Onigo is something we cannot urge you enough to go and experience during your next visit to London. A perfect experience whilst social distancing is a part of the world and the gives your everyday walk more of a challenge. 

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