Lola 2 mars Virtual Escape Room Review

After assisting Lola in Space back during the first lockdown, it would only make sense to help Lola 2 Mars in the next intergalactic mission by future tech company, Reason! With a tough moral decision to be made, amongst new technology and puzzles to solve, can we triumph for a second time?

Lola 2 Mars is the new intergalactic mission created by the tech wizards Reason. After the successful launch of Lola in Space earlier in the year, Lola 2 Mars is the sequel which promises more fun, more technology and more cryptic puzzles but with a difference, a difficult moral decision to be made!  

Pushing the boundary of space exploration, this is an intense mission priced at $30 per person with a minimum of 5 connections required or, $150 to be paid.

Lola 2 Mars offers future tech, a tough moral decision, a live host, a new heads up display along with it being available anytime. With this being hosted virtually through zoom, you can play this sci-fi adventure across multiple different times with just an internet connection! 

Dial into Mars colony over video conference
The Martian mining outpost has been damaged by a series of dust storms. Your team has an hour to help Lola get the outpost back online and make a tough moral decision that will impact the future of Mars exploration.

Lola 2 Mars brings everything we loved from the first outer space adventure and brought it forward with some new ideas, to make it an industry leading experience. Some of the changes made are the new HUD, the innovative heads up display. This displays on the side of your screen and offers further assistance to the game and puzzles you are required to solve. This helps so you do not have to flick through multiple documents or inventory lists, which it worked perfectly and seamlessly with the game. This changed when you solved the relevant puzzle as this follows a linear styled gameplay, so you have to solve the correct puzzle to move forward in the game.

Other key changes they have made in the game is this tough moral decision. Whilst we won’t spoil the experience but this is a great decision you have to make during your adventure, which requires a full team decision…

The game style play is very similar to the first experience Lola in Space, with Lola hosting the escape game in a small space themed room with puzzles along the outside of the room. Being linear offers a strong structure to the game but limitations into the flexibility of the game at times. 

Our favourite parts of the experience has to be the technology that they use for the puzzles, which require a little more thinking than the previous mission. Totally stumped one of the puzzles which really set us back in time. 

Overall, we made a scientific victory in around 52 minutes and had such a blast with Lola on Mars. With the innovative HUD design feature, the optional tough moral decision amongst a range of new puzzles really make this the next step in the Lola missions. Reason have really pulled out all of the stops to make this a seamless adventure to make you be immersed in space, with the high details of future tech, with a little bit of help from Lola! 

Thank you once again to the team at Reason for allowing us to experience Lola 2 Mars and we would recommend this game for everyone who has played Lola in Space, Lola’s first mission! If you haven’t played that, then start their and then join in with this escape voyage. Until next time Lola! 

Lola Mars Escape Room Review

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