Project Avatar Stalker Review

Forget what you know about virtual escape rooms, Project Avatar is a hybrid between a video game and movie which you control,
giving you a unique experience every time!

Project Avatar

Project Avatar is a completely unique experience that have joined the online world as a virtual escape room experience. Unlike your average experience, Project Avatar is a hybrid of an escape room, video game and movie, taking place in large scale sets and giving you, the player complete control on the experience every time you play. 

Project Avatar has come together with a select determined team to create a development that you have never seen before. Taking inspiration from Black Mirror & Death and Robots, they have created an experience over livestream and a completely new genre of virtual escape rooms!

Project Avatar is a tale of a silent traveller which travels to parallel worlds. The hero being Avatar, you take control in their missions by voice command and livestreaming technology, to explore large locations, solve puzzles and complete the mission in the allotted time.

Whilst there is a story for each mission with Project Avatar, the experiences are completely unique for every group which plays and this is because the player controls the whole experience with hundreds of possible outcomes!

Project Avatar Stalker is an experience with the story being that friends help friends. Whilst this not being your average mission, Utya Duck is in trouble and Avatar is there to assist. Utya Duck’s plane has broken down and he needs unique artifacts to fix the “airduckter”.  To do this, you need to visit the Magic Pawnshop and the person who guards this is Chick Man, the big chick boss! Utya Duck is a great fearless hero but he does have one phobia… CHICKENS! Avatar is the only one who can help complete the task.

Project Avatar Stalker is the current mission that they are hosting with two options available for this game. Priced at 100 for 4 players to connect, you can up to 10 players with additional payment. Fancy a challenge, you can have 2 teams play head to head with up to 20 players, but this comes at a price for €400. 

Each experience such as stalker can be played more than once, as it is physically impossible to explore the large building the game is hosted in. With it being family friends and suitable for 8 year olds and above, the experience has plenty to offer. 

The experience has a briefing video which you are required to watch before playing, that explains the story and what you need to do in more detail. Using voice commands, you control the silent Avatar across the enviroment to solve puzzles and collect artefacts. You’ll need to collect these items to craft at the end of the experience to score points. With only 3 lives and many life or death choices, the experience is like no other.

During the livestream, a live overlay on top of the game is constantly updated to keep you updated with how well your doing. This includes your lives, how many artefacts you have, your time left etc. Finer details like this really do put you right in the middle of the experience as a first person adventure.

Avatar, the character you play is completely silent during the game and requires you to be direct in controlling him. Using commands such as “Avatar” then followed by the action such as walk forward or go here, he will then proceed to complete that task for you. Whilst he cannot speak, he will do his best to assist you and guide you from start to finish in what might be a good option or how to solve a certain puzzle. 

The game isn’t quiet however, with a large range of sounds being played as you play, from radio sounds to party music depending on what you are doing and where you are within the building. This keeps you completely immersed and does not allow for any quiet awkward moments for you when playing. 

There were so many unexpected comedy elements with Project Avatars Stalker game. From the most random of items you could interact with, if you ask Avatar to play the DJ decks, he would. Whilst all interactions couldn’t be possible to happen live, some cut to premade cut scenes but these came seamlessly and worked effortlessly into this experience. 

Whilst the puzzle elements weren’t too difficult, this was more a video game styled puzzle with the option to move about, collect items and solve the basic puzzles to move forward. This had a perfect level of difficulty for everyone to play a part of the video game experience. 

Project Avatar Stalker was the gift that kept on giving. With so many layers immersed into each other, it was so easy to get lost within it all. The space is so large that they have labelled zones by giving them a letter. This means there was 26 zones you could experience when playing Stalker. With each room having many things you could interact with and make important decisions, it’s physically impossible to cover it all in one game. Thankfully, you can play this experience more than once and start somewhere completely different to last time to have a new unique adventure. 

All the artefacts had a colour with there being 5 different types to look out for. Each colour didn’t mean too much when playing the game but all became very clear in the crafting room. Crafting was the last thing to complete in your mission and this was how to score the big points. Using all the items you’ve collected, you could craft and make these artefacts which then translated into points. The better you did and more items you collected, the more points you could make. We managed to score 2400 during our mission which seemed pretty average by looking at the websites leaderboard! 

Overall, Project Avatar is the best virtual experience that you can play right now! No experience can compare to the detail that has been put into to this brand new hybrid experience, where an escape room and video game mashup combines to create this adventure. With so many minor details being added in that you fail to get at many places, these bonus elements were like easter eggs and there was just so many! Stalker is a game you can play time and time again to experience different situations and scenarios which as a concept is genius. Words cannot describe how amazing this hour experience is.

With this said, the only way to know for yourself is to play! Project Avatar has great availability online and can be found by heading to their website to book. You can also find them on social media by searching Project Avatar. We would love to say thank you to the team for allowing us to experience the Stalker game whilst sharing their creation with us in detail this lockdown. 

Project Avatar Review

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Project Avatar Review

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