The Forger by Code To Exit Review

Code to Exit escape rooms is located Altrincham, very close to Manchester and hosts 3 exciting rooms created by Hungarian masterminds, Andras & Zoltan. Offering unique and quirky adventures, we were invited to go and experience The Forger.

Andras & Zoltan are the owners and creators of Code to Exit escape rooms. With the business being open for many years now, they have some great experience in designing unique escape rooms with unusual themes and puzzles that are not found in your typical modern day escape rooms. 

The Hungarian duo build all their puzzles in house and everything is done from scratch, meaning you would not find anything similar elsewhere. Zoltan mentions “many games have only locks and keys to find and open boxes. To us they lack the wow-factor and the theatre that good props bring. It’s all about first impressions. When the players enter a room they should feel like they’re in a different dimension.  By creating a rich immersive experience players feel part of the story, as if it’s happening in real life.”

Offering 3 escape room adventures being The Endless Energy, The Forger & The Dark Ages, they have a great line up of interesting themes. We took on The Forger, an art themed room with the following mission; 

‘We’ve locked you in the studio of the world’s greatest art forger! You see lots of famous paintings, all fakes. But wait —another painting is the fabulously expensive original!  Only by using the clues to identify it can you hope to escape inside the 60-minute limit!’”

During our experience, we had to find the original painting and get out of the studio within the time. To do this, we had to solve multiple puzzles to work out who the artist was, the dimensions of the painting we needed and all sorts of artist terminology to determine and confirm the original.  

The Forger was very interesting from the moment we walked into the Code to Exit room. We were taken into the room straight away due to covid restrictions and was presented with a single room with essentially lots of paintings everywhere. We originally thought it was going to be quite simple with not too much to do due to the layout, size and what we could see in the room. We couldn’t be further from the truth as we started our escape as there was so much to do. 

Everything in the room was so cleverly designed with the puzzles being everywhere and some of them were not expected. The puzzles matched the theme and kept with the goal of finding the real and not forged painting. With these puzzles being designed in house, they managed to create some absolute masterpieces not seen anywhere else. On top of this, the puzzles were the perfect level of difficulty with them not being too hard or stressful, but neither being easy that they could be solved instantly. 


Some of our favourite parts of the room was the use of these original puzzles, such as the final puzzle using parts found within the room and all of the hidden puzzles found in the most unusual of locations. As we wouldn’t want to ruin it for any players, it is best we don’t talk more about the puzzles but trust us, they are some of the best original puzzles we have seen! 

Overall, The Forger was a unique theme with amazing original puzzles which as a first for us, made us lose track of time! The first time we looked at the clock, half of it was gone. For a room to create an immersive adventure which makes you lose track of time and enjoy all of the puzzles you have to solve, must mean there is some Hungarian magic within Code to Exit. 

Code to Exit is 100% worth the visit and whilst The Forger is a little difficult for first time players, it is so much fun to play and the team will assist if you need help to try and get you to escape within time. Prices start at £20 per person for 2 people and reduce when more players are added. This is unbelievable value for this experience. 

Our thanks go to Zoltan & the team for inviting us down and hosting our game, to allow us to share our experience on our website. During these difficult times, we highly recommend if you are local or travelling for the next thrill, to support Code to Exit escape rooms and experience The Forger! 

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The Forger by Code To Exit Review

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