The Insiders by Deadlocked Escape Rooms Review

A multi-media play at home escape room experience including several hours of fun, puzzles and challenges.

Whilst lockdown in England, the UK & the rest of the world starts to ease, there is still plenty of play at home adventures which you can experience. With them taking many forms of the new type of escape rooms being launched worldwide by creative minds, we have now seen a new style being born. Deadlocked Escape Rooms were ahead of the game and have taken a mix of a print & play style and combined this with an online adventure also. Thus creating the multi-media play at home escape room experience known as The Insiders!

Deadlocked Escape Rooms is usually an escape room business with multiple locations scattered throughout the UK with many different games. All the games interlink with The Wexell Corporation which is a inside company within Deadlocked Escape Rooms. All the games have a different theme however but this is what ties them together across all the different locations & online.

The Insiders by Deadlocked Escape Rooms Review

The Insiders keeps with the link to The Wexell Corporation, with the following story; 

“The Wexell Corporation has a problem right now. There’s a mole in the company, working against us with some very sensitive information and we need YOU to find out who’s been sneaking around where they shouldn’t.
Go solo or gather your closest confidants to take down THE INSIDERS before they go world-wide.”

The Insiders is a 3 part experience which is designed to play in 3 sittings. Each section has a stopping point interlinked cleverly with the immersive story but, with the option of continuing if you so wish to do more. Each episode lasts around 90 minutes and contains an ever developing and gripping storyline which keeps you entertained & motivated to continue.

This has been designed in a way to build up excitement prior to playing each episode. It feels like 3 separate escape room adventures all bundled into one package, at an unbelievable and value for money price. 

Costing £9.99 to access the whole game which additionally to getting the game, can be knocked off a real life escape room game by Deadlocked Escape Rooms at a later date! 

The Insiders has the flexibility to be played in the same house with family or through video calling software such as Zoom with friends. Whichever you choose, the game is not compromised at any point depending on how you wish to play. We played as a team of 2 through Facebook calling software and this worked perfectly for us. 

The game can be started at any point after purchasing and it starts with an unusual email you get through. From there, you have to solve the puzzles and steps to complete each episode. 

As mentioned, The Insiders is a multi media game, which essentially means one moment you are on your computer solving puzzles through Google Maps or hacking into systems, then the next you are required to translate that over to the paper puzzles & vice versa. The connectivity between the paper based information & puzzles to the online side was certainly unique. 

The Insiders by Deadlocked Escape Rooms Review

The highlights from the experience was certainly the online side. Purposely designed puzzles were created and required multiple different skills to be able to solve them. One of the most difficult out of the bunch was an online 5 part system. It required decoding and this required 5 different steps to do so, which became ever more complicated the further you got through. Requiring more than your brain, this mighty puzzle stumped us for well over an hour alone and we can happily label the most difficult puzzle we have ever encountered during all of our escape adventures! It is good to note that an easier version can be provided on this difficult puzzle if required however, we chose against this.

Whilst this may of been the most challenging of puzzles, the majority of The Insiders was super enjoyable & fun with a great range of challenges. Overall the puzzles were on the harder side of completing compared to other experiences however, it is great to provide an experience which requires more of a challenge than something a lot easier.  

We managed to complete The Insiders by Deadlocked Escape Rooms in a shockingly bad time of 6 hours & 30 minutes in total. With the first episode taking us around 90 minutes, the second being the longest of 3 hours and the last episode being around 2 hours. Although we took longer than the recommendations, we only used 1 hint throughout our experience and took this as a win on that basis due to the complex nature of this multi media game.

Overall, The Insiders is something unique and complex. Creating a new sub section of play at home escape room games, it contained everything you would need to recreate a real life escape room virtually. This is extremely hard to achieve with not being in a themed room as such however, if you take the heavily detailed storyline, the complex, clever puzzles and the use of technology combined, it creates what we have just experienced. 

The Insiders is one of two games released by Deadlocked Escape Rooms during lockdown, with The Cyphstress recently being released in the last few weeks. We can only imagine this experience is equally as challenging and fun. With them teaming up with the well known brewing company Siren, it is a slightly shorter experience with two 90 minute adventures waiting to be played, at the same price of £10. 

We would like to say thank you to James & Charlie for allowing us to experience The Insiders and giving us the opportunity to review this one of a kind, multi media, play at home escape room experience! We cannot wait to see them open back up and how the business expands over the future years and what creative ideas they come up with next.

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The Insiders by Deadlocked Escape Rooms Review

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